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Featured Band: Lotus Effect

Lotus Effect

Houston based Lotus Effect formed in 2006, as an experimental progressive jam band before taking the direction of a mainstream heavy rock group, that also has a progressive/metal sound to them.
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Featured Band: Morass Of Molasses

Morass Of Molasses

Morass Of Molasses describe themselves as “Sludge master generals of the Reading scene; Morass Of Molasses create the kind of lumbering swampy blues riffs, which induce involuntary head nodding.” Having seen the band play an excellent live set at the Icebreaker Festival recently, there is absolutely no arguing with that.
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Featured Band: Spynes


Southampton based 4 piece Spynes have gained a reputation for putting on energetic live shows over the last year with appearances at Southsea Fest and Oxjam, as well as support slots with Baby Strange, Fever, and most recently Dolomite Minor in Southampton, where the band played an excellent set.
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Featured Band: Oceans


Guildford based Oceans were formed in 2014 when they met at The Academy of Contemporary Music. Josh Kenyon (Vocals), Conor Hyde (Guitar), Edward Brunsden (Guitar), Jack Squire (Bass) and Jack Haywood (Drums) set about honing their distinctive sound by drawing on influences that range from Metal, Grunge, Post-Harcore to Djent.
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Featured Band: KILLCODE


Formed in 2008, New York based 5 piece KILLCODE are a riff based rock band, with influences that are sometimes drawn from a southern/bluesy genre to make their songs sound exciting to listen to and have a back catalogue of monster sounding anthemic tracks.
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Featured Band: Mercury Doll

Mercury Doll

RARC came across Mercury Doll in the early part of 2014 after hearing a brilliant track from one of their demos the band had posted online.
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Featured Band: Darcee Fox

Darcee Fox

There are a new breed of rock bands coming out from Australia who are changing attitudes that AC/DC is not the only rock band from there to be any good. Darcee Fox are one of those bands.
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Featured Band: Crobot


Pottsville, PA based rock band Crobot had an impressive year in 2014. With the release of their brilliant album ‘Something Supernatural’, Brandon Yeagley (Lead Vocals, Harmonica), Chris Bishop (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Figueroa (Bass ) and Paul Figueroa (Drums) had many in the world of rock getting excited about this band, and quite rightly so.
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Featured Band: Tricorn


Portsmouth based four piece Tricorn formed in 2008 and since then the band have built on their reputation of delivering solid riffs, full of a hard rock sound that is classic, heavy and with a stoner influence, which not only sounds epic on their 2 albums, but also sounds immense when played live.
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