Formed in 2008, New York based 5 piece KILLCODE are a riff based rock band, with influences that are sometimes drawn from a southern/bluesy genre to make their songs sound exciting to listen to and have a back catalogue of monster sounding anthemic tracks.

Members Tom Morrissey (Vocals), Chas (Guitar/Vocals), D.C. Gonzales (Guitar), Erric Bonesmith (Bass/Vocals) and Rob Noxious (Drums) released their debut 6 track EP ‘To Die For’ at the end of 2008. Tracks such as ‘Broken Heel’, ‘6 Am Again’, ‘Truce’ and ‘Lita’ unleashed a powerful sound of heavy riffs with melodic vocals to produce a collection of high energy rock songs. With such a strong debut EP, this gained worldwide attention for the band and also charted nationally.

Following on from a strong debut, the band then released a second EP ‘Taking It All’ that again featured 6 tracks. ‘Hammer’ with its faced paced guitar riffs and dirty bass sound led to further tracks including ‘Devil Song’, ‘One And Only’ and ‘Awake’ that ranged from a slightly slower melodic sound with soaring vocals, to a heavier riff drenched rock sound, with raw vocals over a thumping rhythm.

In 2012 the band entered the studio to record their first full length self-titled album ‘KILLCODE’. 12 tracks of their epic sounding rock, the album is full of their signature punchy riffs. However you can hear a much wider influence in some of the songs on the album such as the delicate guitar intro of ‘Hands Up’ giving it a more southern feel to it, along with tracks such as ‘Time’. Heavy riffs form the basis of the track ‘ Tied’ that is full of gravelly vocals and a killer rhythm section, whilst ‘The Wrong Side’ is a melodic power ballad. In contrast ‘Opium Dogs’ has a darker, heavier sound to the track, with massive vocals rising over deeper sounding riffs. ‘Trust’ which is duet featuring Angelina DelCarmen is a packed full of harmonies that blend well with the song but again has a heavy riff throughout. ‘Skitch’ and ‘Bad Mother’ again have those dirty sounding riffs that flow through the tracks to a pounding rhythm, with a fast paced vibe to them. With the album not just being 12 tracks of heavy rock, it shows that KILLCODE have written songs to grab the attention on every single track and the album is a stand out one from many of their contemporaries.

KILLCODE are also known for their energetic live performances as well and have played iconic venues in New York such as Gramercy Theater and Bowery Ballroom along with the world famous The Viper Room in Los Angeles, plus numerous headline shows across the States in 2014. They have also supported The Vamps, Twisted Sister and Red Dragon Cartel.

In 2014, KILLCODE entered the studio again to lay down some more tracks that resulted in new songs such as ‘Slave’, which once again proved the bands ability to lay down monster sounding riffs and continue to produce epic rock. Releasing a video for their song ‘The Wrong Side’ in November reminded everyone of the melodic and powerful vocals, along with the soaring riffs that this band produce.

With more live dates planned for 2015 and more songs following on from their debut album, KILLCODE may say their songs are ‘Anthems For Outlaws’ but this is a band for anyone who likes rock music.

The website for the band is www. They are on Facebook and Twitter @_KILLCODE_ They are on ReverbNation and iTunes.