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Release date: 30th September via Pavement Entertainment

American hard rock band Into The Fire have just released their debut self-titled EP and these three tracks of balls to the wall rock have already created considerable airplay and interest.

Essentially two tracks with a bonus alternative version of ‘Spit You Out’, the EP screams out rock from the very first note. The highly infectious ‘Spit You Out’ that was just born for radio play, and has you cranking up the volume from the moment the guitars crash into this high octane rock and roll monster of a tune. As a debut single goes, this song shows to the world that rock is very much alive and is ready to stomp all over those who say otherwise. ‘From The Medicine’ keeps up the pace of hard-edged rock with the vocals and harmonies coming to the fore on this track, and for those rock aficionado’s, has a searing guitar solo to just about please everyone.

With three tracks of hard rock that immediately makes you sit up and take notice of Into The Fire, it leaves a burning desire to want to hear a lot more from this band. There is absolutely no doubt that they are going to gain a significant following over the coming months, as the band have the pedigree and the sound that the rock genre is crying out for.


American hard rock band Into The Fire was conceived in 2013 by vocalist Bryan Scott (The Union Underground, Cult To Follow), bassist Tim King (SOiL) and guitarist Adam Zadel (SOiL). Long time friend Will Hunt (Evanescence) was brought in on drums soon after.

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‘Into The Fire’ tracklisting:

1.Spit You Out

2.From The Medicine

3. Spit You Out (alternate version)