Terence Jack has released a new single ‘Errors’, from his upcoming album ‘Never Get Back’. The single is a follow-up to his previous track ‘Eastern Rise’, which was released in earlier in the Spring.

‘Errors’ details the bitter-sweetness of leaving someone, or being left, in favour of chasing dreams. The departure, the return, and the ride reflect that concept. As with the previous single,’ Eastern Rise’, he partnered with producer and fellow Vancouverite, Daniel Klenner (We Are the City, Tourist Company, Hey Ocean), to write and co-produce the song.

Terence has recently spent the summer on a 45-day tour and playing a ton of festivals. As the days get shorter, he will be heading back to the studio to work on his next full-length album, due for release in 2017.

Having spent the past 10 years running his own travel company, Canadian Terence Jack is no stranger to adventure. His road worn experiences have been an inspiration for much of his music, providing exotic scenes for his tales of life to be told upon. When asked why he stepped down from his work to focus on music, Terence responds, “Beach Travellers gave me discipline, taught me how to operate in many different cultures, how to connect with people and build a family based on values, and that with passion and drive, you can turn a dream into reality. Now it’s time for me to dive into music with both feet – nothing in life deserves to be half in, half out. I need to live my truth – and undeniably music has been my true self my entire life.” Terence released his debut album ‘Reckless Abandon’ in January 2014.

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