Guildford based Oceans were formed in 2014 when they met at The Academy of Contemporary Music. Josh Kenyon (Vocals), Conor Hyde (Guitar), Edward Brunsden (Guitar), Jack Squire (Bass) and Jack Haywood (Drums) set about honing their distinctive sound by drawing on influences that range from Metal, Grunge, Post-Harcore to Djent.

Taking their name from a Mallory Knox song, the band wasted no time in recording a 2 track EP before taking their powerful sound on the road, playing venues in Guildford, London and Brighton.

The 2 tracks on the EP are a strong debut from the band. ‘Release Me’ is full of melodies that combine into a heavy guitar based track, with vocals that powerfully rise over the music. With a thunderous rhythm to back up the strength of the track, this debut song certainly makes an impression from the first listen. ‘Far From You’ is a slightly faster paced song, as the guitars crash through it along with soaring vocals and has a dirty sounding riff to it. The mixture of influences all combine on this track to bring an energetic sound to it. From forming the band to recording some tracks within a matter of weeks, shows the confidence the band have in their music and these 2 tracks are certainly a solid foundation.

Oceans are hoping to return to the studio over the coming months to record some more tracks that will show how the band have grown musically and may incorporate a slightly different sound. They will also be playing some more live shows on 13th February in High Wycombe, with a further live date on 22nd February in Guildford.

Although the band are in the early stages of their career, already they have an excellent sound to them and are definitely one of the rising bands to watch over the coming year. With debut music from Oceans as powerful as this, this is a band you are going to hear a lot more of in the future.

Oceans are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/oceansukband and Twitter @oceansukband
They also have a bandcamp page containing their 2 track EP https://oceansuk.bandcamp.com/releases