The Cyon Project

The Cyon Project formed in 2009 in Torino, Italy, and band members Marco Priotti (Vocals), Fabio Cyon (Lead guitar), Mad Mike (Bass)and Nicola Palma (Drums) have brought with them a different sound to the latest album, giving rise to an alternative vein with many influences ranging from Rock/Stoner to Metal with symphonic inserts.

Starting off with the symphonic instrumental ‘Joe’, this track masks the powerful sound The Cyon Project have, as the album opens up into massive sounding stoner riffs on ‘Cheesy Song’. There are heavier tracks that feature more of a metal influence such as ‘Mr Creosote’ (which pays homage to the Monty Python character) which is full of filthy sounding guitars, whilst ‘Rulemaker’, ‘Riot’, ‘John Ryder’ and ‘Average People’ have a distinctive heavy rock sound. The softer sounding ‘Phanton Limb’ and ‘Sandglass’ tracks still pack a powerful punch and the album is full of melodic vocals over a different style of songs but all of them are excellent and work really well on the album. Full of a delicious blend of melodies on tracks such as ‘Isaac Foretold It’ and final track ‘Englewood’s Hotel’, this album is full of interesting songs that keeps you wanting to hear them again and again.

The Cyon Project wanted to “span a much wider range of influences and atmospheres” with the album. They have definitely done this and more with ‘Tales Of Pain’ as it is a stunning album.

The band are also embarking on a UK tour in February:

6th – Dover – The Priory Hotel
7th – Maidstone – The Rafter
8th – Carlton – The Dog House
9th – Derby – The Hairy Dog
10th – Sheffield – The Royal Standard
12th – Wakefield – The Snooty Fox
13th – Manchester – Blue Cat Cafè
14th – Liverpool – The Jaracanda Club
15th – Liverpool – The Bumper

The Website for the band is They are on Facebook and Twitter @ThecyonprojecT They are also on Soundcloud and Spotify.
The album is available from Amazon

Track Listing:

Cheesy Song
Phantom Limb
Isaac Foretold It
Average People
Raise Your Head
John Ryder
Englewood’s Hotel