Jukebox Monkey

Southern stoner rock band Jukebox Monkey have just released their latest EP ‘Vs. Time’ on 12th January and the band are back with even more riffage.

Band members Chris D (Vocals and guitar), Chris H (Guitar), Niki J (Bass) and Pete (Drums) hail from the from the deep dark inbred forests of Kent and have released an 5 track EP which is full of fuzzy riffs that thump their way through each song.

The opening track ‘The Mirror’ has a delicate intro over a sample before it explodes into a delicious dirty sounding guitar with a heavy rhythm, as the vocals grind their way through the track. Full of stoner grooves behind excellent harmonies, this is a powerful start to the EP. ‘Peacetime People Ain’t Worth Fighting For’ is a foot-stomper of a track with a thumping beat as the drums resound through the entire track and with slightly southern sounding guitars in places. ‘Wolves’ has more of that excellent riffage that sounds far more than just the 2 guitars, with a raw vocal that is melodic throughout and the sound of it is immense.

‘Undo, Undo, Undo’ follows on with a heavy stoner sound, full of fuzzy guitars and also has a lush sounding groove to it. With anthemic backing vocals and edgy sounding vocals, it ends with killer riffs and more of those powerful vocals in the final chorus. Final track ‘Dead Wait’ literally stomps all over the record, with epic sounding drums and a catchy guitar solo from the outset before the track erupts into riff heaven and the vocals build up into a crescendo of sound through the song. Full of great sounding harmonies, it has just the right amount of heaviness to make this one hell of a riff-drenched beast of a song.

Jukebox Monkey have definitely unleashed the feral beast with ‘Vs. Time’ and have produced a brilliant EP that is going to be impossible to stop playing for many months to come. The monkey is loose and ready to grab you by the throat, resistance is futile.

To give a taster of what the band sound like, have a listen to ‘High Roller’ from their ‘Southern Tried’ EP before you will be compelled to go and buy their latest EP.

The website for the band is http://www.jukeboxmonkey.co.uk They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jukeboxmonkey and Twitter @JukeBox_Monkey
Their songs are available from iTunes and you can also hear them on Spotify.

Track Listing:

The Mirror
Peacetime People Ain’t Worth Fighting For
Undo, Undo, Undo
Dead Wait