Mercury Doll

RARC came across Mercury Doll in the early part of 2014 after hearing a brilliant track from one of their demos the band had posted online.

Jay Furze (Vocals), Chris Cowdry (Guitars), Ash Dines (Bass), Tidor Nieddu (Guitars) and Rob Sully (Drums) have spent much of 2014 perfecting their sound. Although based in Bristol the band have taken a more unconventional route by creating a lot of their work online before getting together to work on the songs once they have been produced.

With outstanding tracks such as ‘Lobster’ which is full of heavy riffs and a gritty sounding bass line, the vocals pulsate through the song before soaring into an melodic chorus. Mercury Doll has a sound that is grungy in places, the harmonies sounding sublime on all the tracks. ‘Perceptual Pendulum’ is full of riffs and has a heaviness to it that is exciting to hear. Although they are online as demo tracks, the production already heard on the songs is immense. ‘Patience’ with its soaring riffs and delicate rhythm becomes a crescendo of sound, whilst ‘The Fall’ has a darker tone to it, with the vocals intertwining with the music to produce a haunting track. ‘Burn The Altar’ has more of those heavy riffs and searing vocals that flow thought the track in an epic way. ‘It’s Carnage’ has more of those darker sounding riffs and rhythm, with reverberating vocals that rise above the melodic guitars. Full of great melodies, songs such as ‘The Graduate’ and ‘Pack Can Dot’ with the raw vocals and a powerhouse of guitars, are attention grabbing from the very start.

The band quote in their bio that they had “an idea to create something spectacular, something else, something alive” and listening to the songs from them, they have certainly done this. Packed full of luscious melodies, every song they have released in demo format sounds fresh and vibrant, and listening to the 12 tracks on their SoundCloud page, you are instantly drawn into how excellent Mercury Doll are. The band have announced they are “planning that 2015 is going to be a beast for us” and when the Mercury Doll sound is fully unleashed, they are definitely going to gain a lot of interest from those in the rock world.

Mercury Doll are planning to record their debut album in 2015 and when songs sound this brilliant, it is going to be one of the most highly anticipated releases this year.

Mercury Doll are on Facebook and Twitter @mercurydolluk. You can heard the demos on SoundCloud and subscribe to their YouTube channel for their latest videos and updates.