Darcee Fox

There are a new breed of rock bands coming out from Australia who are changing attitudes that AC/DC is not the only rock band from there to be any good. Darcee Fox are one of those bands.

Based in Melbourne which is home to a lot of impressive sounding rock bands at the moment, Darcee Fox formed in 2010. Elliott Okerstrom, Nick Casalini, Jay Morgan, Mark Day and Karl Mallett have described themselves as being “No bullshit, no gimmicks, just straight-up, good-time Rock n Roll!” and the band certainly do this in true Aussie style.

Releasing their debut EP ‘Snakebite’ the band produced 6 tracks of pure rock and roll. With the monster sounding riffs from the outset on the opening track ‘More Like Her’ and soaring melodic vocals behind a thumping rhythm, all of the tracks on the EP are full of epic rock songs. ‘Faker’ has a slight bluesy tone as the riffs resonate through the track, sounding gritty and dirty. ‘Last Stand’ has more of the blazing guitars and thunderous drums, whilst ‘The Wolf At The Door’ starts with a brilliant guitar solo before the rhythm crashes into the song and the captivating vocals rise over the gravelly riffs. Title track ‘Snakebite’ has a slower start to the track with a dirty groove and raw vocals that reverberate through it, before the pace picks up to thump through the track. ‘Broken Lines’ has pounding drums from the start, and with the riff drenched hooks, the high powered vocals crash and burn through this final track, making their debut EP one of excellence.

Releasing two further singles in 2014, ‘Junkyard Queen’ in April which is more of those searing guitars and scorching vocals, Darcee Fox also released their latest single and video for ‘Homebound’ in November. With their latest single, the band have produced an even more immense sound and the band sound on epic form with this latest release.

Spending much of their time on the road in 2014, the band played numerous shows in Australia and are kicking off their 2015 by playing with fellow Aussie rockers Massive on Saturday 10th January, which will probably be the first of many shows for the band this year.

Darcee Fox have that brilliant rock sound and the band are high up on the list of the new wave of Australian bands that needs to come to the attention of a much wider audience of rock fans. With an excellent debut EP and two killer sounding singles, you can only live in hope that an album may also be part of their plans for the future, as Darcee Fox have that rock sound you just want to hear so much more of.

The band are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/darceefox and Twitter @DarceeFox. Their debut EP is available from iTunes and you can also hear the band on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/darceefox