Massive Wagons

One thing is for certain when Massive Wagons recorded their latest album ‘Fight The System’, they must have used amps that went way beyond 11 as the sound on this album is colossal.

Carnforth based Massive Wagons may have taken a couple of years to write this album after endlessly touring but ‘Fight The System’ incorporates their electrifying live performances and conveys this energy into 11 tracks of heavy rock. Baz Mills (Vocals), Adam Thistlethwaite (Guitar), Carl Cochrane (Guitar), Bowz Bouskill (Bass) and Alex Thistlethwaite (Drums) have produced an album that is high octane rock from the moment the album is played.

Opening track ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is in your face from the very first heavy riff and as soon as the punchy vocals start, this track goes hell for leather through the entire song. The band sing about “tell me are you ready, do you really wanna rock” and hell yeah you want to with this album. ‘S.W.T’ is a classic rock sound that stomps its way through the track, with powerful vocals and harmonies through the chorus, whilst ‘One For Me’ starts with a dirty sounding rhythm before the riffs explode into the track. Soaring and powerful vocals make this an anthem of a song with an immense rock sound. Title track ‘Fight The System’ starts with pounding drums that reverberate through the entire track, this is a riff drenched monster of a song that throbs with loudness. ‘Look Around’ may start slightly slower with melodic vocals soaring over a gentle start to the song but the heavy riffs soon crash into this track, the massive sound echoing throughout. ‘Rising Tides’ launches into a wave of sound that assaults the ear drums and the senses from the outset, this track is full of energy and pure rock riffs.

Always a favourite when played live, ‘Red Dress’ has been perfectly captured on the album and Massive Wagons have made it sound even more stellar in the studio, with its thunderous rhythm and and a climbing guitar solo that sounds epic. ‘Black Witch’ has a classic feel to it, harking back to many classic rock tracks and full of those heavy riffs this band are masters off, whilst the vocals are a powerful mixture of melody but with an edge to them. ‘Truth’ is just a riff monster. Such is the heaviness to this track that even though the album is already loud, you can’t help but want to turn it up just one more. Awesome riffage and anthemic is all that is needed to sum up this track. ‘Roll With The Rhythm’ gives a slight reprieve from the ear-splitting sound this band make for the first verse, before its back to more of that delectable heavy sound from them and although not as fast paced as the previous two tracks, it still sounds immense. Final track ‘Alive’ again is full of those searing riffs with raw and edgy vocals, more loudness, more enormous sounding drums and more of that brilliant Massive Wagons sound. With ears still ringing from the intensity of the album as the final riffs play out, the album is definitely one that rocks.

Massive Wagons are not only an excellent band to see live but also produce studio albums that are full of awesome sounding rock, and ‘Fight The System’ is one of the loudest, most badass rock albums heard in a long time.

Massive Wagons are Facebook and Twitter @MassiveWagons. The album is available from iTunes, Amazon and HMV. You can also hear the band on Spotify.

Track Listing:

Dirty Little Secrets
One For Me
Fight The System
Look Around
Rising Tides
Red Dress
Black Witch
Roll With The Rhythm