Some bands can be a little bit shy on social media but a follow on Twitter led to RARC giving this band a listen and was left with the wow factor from the outset.

Perth (Western Australia) based Ragdoll had played in various other bands over an 8 year period before coming together to form this hard rock band. Naming the band after the drummers’ Ragdoll cat and not the Aerosmith song, Ryan Rafferty (Vocals/Bass), Leon Todd (Guitars) and Cam Barrett (Drums) set about bringing their heavy riff based rock to a wider audience.

Releasing their debut EP ‘Ragdoll Rock’ in 2011, this was a 4 track EP full of epic sounding riffs, a pounding rhythm section along with melodic vocals and full of great sounding rock tracks. Following up with the ‘Here Today’ EP in 2012, this 5 track rock monster was full of killer riffs, which are heavy and gritty along with vocals that soar over a thunderous rhythm section. 2013 saw the release of ‘All I Want Is Everything’, with another 5 tracks of their signature heavy rock sound full of those delicious riffs the band produce and once again every track on the record sounding just how rock should be.

With a collection of brilliant sounding EP’s, the band released ‘Ragdoll Rewound’ in 2014 which includes remixed and remastered songs taken from their previous EP’s plus four additional live tracks, that gives a great introduction to the band for those that may not have heard them before. The 13 tracks bring together all the epic songs from the band in one neat package and from the opening track of ‘Here Today’, the riffs resound through the entire album making this a highly desirable collection of songs. Songs such as ‘Tell Me’ with a hooking riff that instantly grabs the attention, ‘Heaven Above’, ‘Overnight Sensation’ and ‘Foot To The Floor’ are full of raw and gritty sounding vocals and high octane riffs. ‘Could It Be Love’ is a powerful ballad that has a retro feel to it, along with another softer sounding track ‘Ashamed’ but still has those delicious riffs that form a big part of the Ragdoll sound. ‘The Feeling’ has raw and powerful vocals with an undercurrent of more of those heavy riffs, and ‘In My Mind’ has a soaring riff over a sleek rhythm that builds into a wall of sound as the track progresses. The 4 live tracks including a brand new song ‘Rewind Your Mind’ are just as brilliant as the studio tracks and with ‘All I Want’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Foot To The Floor’, these additional tracks show why Ragdoll has built up a reputation of being an electrifying band to watch with their shows, as the songs sound every bit as good live.

The band mention in their bio that “Ragdoll mix melody, groove and riffage!” and listening to their sound they not only encompass that but also add in a lot more to this. Ragdoll have an immense rock sound that you are going to want to hear as everyone needs some awesome riffage in their lives.

The website for the band is http://www.ragdollrock.com. They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ragdollrock and Twitter @Ragdoll_Rock. Their music can be heard and purchased from their bandcamp page http://ragdollrock.bandcamp.com/ and their music is also on Spotify.

Ragdoll Rewound Track Listing:

Here Today
Tell Me
Could It Be Love
Heaven Above
Overnight Sensation
Foot To The Floor
The Feeling
In My Mind
Rewind Your Mind (Live)
All I Want (Live)
Tell Me (Live)
Foot To The Floor (Live)