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Reversed Nature Are No Longer In Limbo With Album

Reversed Nature

Athens, Greece based Reversed Nature released their latest album ‘Into The Limbo’ late 2014, which is a follow up to their previous releases ‘Nature Reversed’ and ‘Junkie for a Guide’. Describing themselves as psychedelic Kraut rock, the tracks are atmospheric with haunting vocals over a myriad of styles.
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Blackberry Smoke More Than Hold Their Own With New Album

Blackberry Smoke

Classic Rock Magazine recently asked of Blackberry Smoke “Is this the new Lynyrd Skynyrd?” Whilst comparisons are always going to be made, with the release of their latest album ‘Holding All The Roses’, Blackberry Smoke have proved with this excellent record that they are very much a band of their own making.
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No Rest For The Senton Bombs

The Senton Bombs

Formed in 2004 as The Terrorists and with an history of line-up changes that is almost emulating that legendary band Spinal Tap (especially where the drummer is concerned) in their early days, The Senton Bombs have had a rich and some may say almost infamous history over the 10 years they have been formed. When they describe themselves as ‘punk infected rock and roll’, well, you rather expect a bit of bad behaviour.
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Get Some Beardmore With Their Debut Album


Having been given a taster of how excellent the band sound with their single ‘Cut The Bone’, Beardmore have now released their debut album ‘Limb’.
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Jukebox Monkey Unleash A Beast With ‘Vs. Time’

Jukebox Monkey

Southern stoner rock band Jukebox Monkey have just released their latest EP ‘Vs. Time’ on 12th January and the band are back with even more riffage.
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Justin Hulsey Grows With New Album ‘Morning Bloom’

Justin Hulsey

Singer-songwriter Justin Hulsey is about to release his second album ‘Morning Bloom, following on from his critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Youth Gods’ which was released in 2012.
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Allfather Cure Those Post-Austerity Blues


Medway based 4 piece Allfather may be fairly new to the music scene but have already been making an impact since their debut gig in November.
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Killer Boogie Unleash An Explosion Of Rock With Debut Album

Killer Boogie

Italian 3 piece Killer Boogie formed by Gabriele Fiori – Guitars/Vocals (Black Rainbows), Matteo Marini – Bass, and Luigi Costanzo – Drums (The Wisdoom) have just released their debut album ‘Detroit’, with one of the tracks from the album already featured as a Classic Rock Magazine track of the week.
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Massive Wagons Throw A Killer Punch With Latest Album

Massive Wagons

One thing is for certain when Massive Wagons recorded their latest album ‘Fight The System’, they must have used amps that went way beyond 11 as the sound on this album is colossal.
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