Killer Boogie

Italian 3 piece Killer Boogie formed by Gabriele Fiori – Guitars/Vocals (Black Rainbows), Matteo Marini – Bass, and Luigi Costanzo – Drums (The Wisdoom) have just released their debut album ‘Detroit’, with one of the tracks from the album already featured as a Classic Rock Magazine track of the week.

With an album packed full of delicious sounding retro influenced riffs with a distinctive amount of fuzz, ‘Detroit’ is 9 monster sounding riff-based tracks, with a grooving bass line and pounding drums throughout, the vocals have a raw edge to them whilst melodically soaring over each track.

Opening with ‘Bad Rebel’ which literally oozes with fuzz, the fast paced heavy riffs and thunderous rhythm kicks off a delicious dirty sounding bass line, with the vocals swirling through the track as it changes pace throughout the song. ‘Riding The Wind’ had a definite retro 70’s sound, with a bluesy undertone running through the track. Again the guitars are a riff-drenched crescendo of sound, with raw sounding vocals soaring over the track and with the drums sounding massive on this track, the heaviness of the track sounds epic. ‘My Queen’ which was the featured track on Classic Rock, has more of the filthy sound the band excels at. The guitars thump and grind though the track to a lush sound of the vocals, the massive sounding riffs can’t sound any better on such as track as this. ‘Little Flower’ again has more of those heavy riffs that lick their way through the track, with a filthy sounding bass and the catchy vocals climb their way through the track. With a killer sounding riff drenched mid-section, there is no way you can underestimate how brilliant this band sounds throughout the entire album.

‘Silver Universe’ slows the tempo slightly, with slightly more psychedelic undertone to the track. With layered vocals that rise through the song, a more delicate guitar riff melodically ebbs its way through to the end but still very much a strong sounding track from Killer Boogie. ‘Cosmic Eye‘ is once again more of those enormous sounding fuzzy riffs, dripping in delectable sounding retro vibes full of retrospective sounding vocals with a mixture of psychedelic sounds, but with a modern flourish to it as well. This epic sounding track is an opus of a song, with the guitars slowly building towards the end of the track in a progressive rock style. ‘Summertime’ almost breezes through the album, as a wave of jangling guitars climb above another dirty sounding riff and the rhythm once again pulsates in that epic 70’s sound, with another bluesy sounding vibe to it, once again the vocals soar over another heavy sounding track. ‘The Golden Age’ definitely harks back to that era where distortion had an epic sound to it and the riffs once again are sounding immense on this track, giving the listener more of that signature sound from the band. Final track ‘Dynamite’ literally explodes with impressive sounding riffs, as the drums thunder their way through the entire track. It’s loud, it’s heavy, as the rhythm pounds behind melodic vocals and ends what has been a spectacular album of 9 fuzzy riff-drenched tracks that have been awesome to listen to.

Killer Boogie have released a monster of a debut album and although it is full of retro sounding rock, this is one album you are going to want for 2015.

Killer Boogie are on and Twitter @KILLERBOOGIE666 The highly recommended album can be purchased from the HeavyPsychSounds website or from their bandcamp page The band are also on SoundCloud via HeavyPsychSounds

Track Listing:

Bad Rebel
Riding The Wind
My Queen
Little Flower
Silver Universe
Cosmic Eye
The Golden Age