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Buck & Evans ‘Live At Rockfield’ EP Review

Buck & Evans

If there was ever a reason to believe in fate, then Chris Buck and Sally Ann Evans forming for a ‘one off’ gig is proof enough that good things happen for a reason. With the addition of Dominic Hill and Bob Richards completing the four piece soon after, Buck & Evans were formed.
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Allfather Establish Their Own Rules With Debut EP


Medway based Allfather have just released their debut EP ‘No Gods. No Masters’. This 4 track EP incorporates a range of influences that is delivered with passion throughout every song.
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Vast Robot Armies Take Over With ‘Little Creatures’

Vast Robot Armies

Canadian/US band Vast Robot Armies came about from two bands getting together to record an album – Vast Robot Armies in the original line up form and Sundriver, and ‘Little Creatures’ is the result of this collaboration.
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Dinosaur Eyelids Talk To You With Latest Album

Dinosaur Eyelids

New Jersey based Dinosaur Eyelids released their 4th studio album ‘Bypass To Knowhere’ in December 2014. Having already released their debut album ‘Winter Solstice’ in 2009, second album ‘Down a River’ in 2011 and third album ‘Conflagration’ in 2012, this has been a much anticipated album from the band.
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Bishop Make Their Move With Latest Album


New York based power trio Bishop released their latest album ‘Hate Wide Open’ in January 2015.

Formed in 1998 and comprising of brothers Tom Semeraro (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Rocco Semeraro (Drums, Vocals) and Vinny Padula (Bass, Vocals), their latest album, which the band produced themselves, is 12 tracks of impressive sounding rock.
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Mannequins Have Model Album With ‘Worthless’


French based Mannequins released their album ‘Worthless’ in November 2014. Although formed in Rouen, the band also has links in the UK and this is reflected in their style of music, which has an indie sound to it reminiscent of when it was a major part of British culture back in the 90’s.
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In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits But Not With This Album

In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits

Australian dark-folk/alternative project In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits released their latest album ‘Between The Surface And The Sun’ in December 2014 via Italian label Seashell Records
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Paradox Make A Statement With ‘Chapters’


Cork based Alternative Rock band Paradox released their 4th album ‘Chapters’ in January of this year. The album itself is many reflections of the chapters in the bands lives and is more experimental that previous releases.
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Dry Can Start Something With ‘Meanwhile’

Dry Can

French band Dry Can was formed at the end of the 90’s by Anne Lupieri (Vocals/Guitar), Antoine Abinun (Vocals/Guitars), before being joined by Olivier Crescence (Bass) and Pascal Desmet (Drums) and released their latest album ‘Meanwhile’ in September 2014.
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