Medway based Allfather have just released their debut EP ‘No Gods. No Masters’. This 4 track EP incorporates a range of influences that is delivered with passion throughout every song.

With elements of sludge, metal, hardcore and stoner compacted into a ferocious vortex, the heaviness of the tracks are such that if this was a person they would be convicted of GBH. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is just scorching aggression, as Allfather demonstrate the ability to channel their anger into well-constructed songs.

‘The Great Destroyer’ starts with a political sample that nails its colours to the mast of what the EP’s subject matter is about and in a defiant way, to the undertone of a rumbling bass, before the drums pulverise the track and the power is unleashed in all its glory. Raw vocals burst through with an intensity that matches the killer guitar riffs and this forms the core foundations throughout the entire EP. ‘No Justice/No Peace’ is uncompromising with the brutality of the vocals, as they power their way through the song over the guitars that match the vocals at times, and deep, heavy riffs dominate through the track, as it ebbs and flows through a change of pace.

Reminiscent of the film Alien where the creature pounces and attaches itself to the face of Kane, ‘Post-Austerity Blues’ is that creature. It smothers you in just 1 minute 22 seconds of savageness at a breath-taking pace, matching the bleakness and despair of austerity the song is about. ‘The Worms Won’t Have Us’ has a melodic touch to it from the vocals and although there is no let-up in the exposed sound, with a massive sounding rhythm coursing through the song, this is the stand out track on the EP. Ending in a vehement scream, this wraps up an intense and authoritative record.

“Heavier than a fat mammoth” was the description the band used during the recording process and it succinctly sums up the four songs in just that one sentence. Allfather have shown they are the masters of their genre with this excellent debut EP.

‘No Gods. No Masters’ is available from their bandcamp page.

Twitter: @AllfatherUK

Allfather are:

Tom (Vocals)
Alan (Guitar)
Andrew (Guitar)
Matt (Bass)
Kieron (Drums)

‘No Gods. No Masters’ Track Listing:

1. The Great Destroyer
2. No Justice / No Peace
3. Post-Austerity Blues
4. The Worms Won’t Have Us