Vast Robot Armies

Canadian/US band Vast Robot Armies came about from two bands getting together to record an album – Vast Robot Armies in the original line up form and Sundriver, and ‘Little Creatures’ is the result of this collaboration.

With a grungy sound to the opening song ‘Revenge For Nerds’, it takes you back to that Seattle sound and with its heavy, dark sounding beat to it, this brings a dramatic start to the album. If you were expecting more of the same sound for the rest of the album though, you are very much surprised as immediately the next track ‘Little Creatures’, brings with it a slightly psychedelic tone. What impresses you is how the guitars blend well on each track and compliment the ever changing styles to the album. One of the more outstanding tracks has to be ‘Everything Is Old Again’, which is a powerful song. With the combination of two established bands, you can hear their influences through each track, and despite living in two countries and the album being recorded over a relatively short space of time, there is enough chemistry to make this album work really well.

With a fuzzy guitar on ‘Mousetrap’, this brings another dimension to the songs on the album and with every one, it offers something new as each track is played. From the more upbeat tracks to those with a slower, more melodic tone, each song draws you into the album that little bit further and it is hard to pin it down to any one rock genre, which is no bad thing on a 10 track album. As if to prove a point, ‘Suckerpunch’ has far more of an indie influence to it compared to the other songs, as this album twists and turns at every opportunity.

If you like your music to be interesting and not an album full of the same style of songs, then ‘Little Creatures’ is most definitely for you.

The album is available from their bandcamp page

‘Little Creatures’ Track Listing:

1. Revenge For Nerds
2. Little Creatures
3. Everything New Is Old Again
4. Mousetrap
5. In Shreds
6. Foxtrot
7. Moving The Needle
8. In The Other Room
9. Suckerpunch
10. Your Ex Knife Set

Twitter: @VastRobotArmies