In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits

Australian dark-folk/alternative project In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits released their latest album ‘Between The Surface And The Sun’ in December 2014 via Italian label Seashell Records

The album was released on digital download and limited edition cassette and was recorded over a long period of time and distances as it was created by musicians via the internet. In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits is the project of Australian singer/musician Ian Bonner, who is also known for his vocal work with bands Blood Inside the Machine and The Bored Whores.

The 12 track album is a blend of psychedelic tinged rock with folk influences. The album has an undercurrent as darkness to it, especially on tracks such as ‘Transition’, ‘Praying For You’ and ‘Let It Rain’. ‘Weeping Weapons’ and ‘The Vampire Light’ and ‘Fade’ have a delicate touch to them, with its more gentle tones as the music interlaces beautifully with the vocals. All of the tracks have a rich soundscape to them and songs such as ‘Now And Then’ and ‘Burning Man’ bring with it a slightly heavier tone to the album, with melodic vocals that match of the tracks. ‘Waiting For A Cure’ has a delicious sounding beat that flows through the entire track and changes the mood of the album. The 12 tracks on the album are very well crafted and has a rich plethora of sounds, that it shouldn’t be considered to be of just one genre. Instead it should be considered an excellent album to listen to, especially if you like music to be atmospheric, with almost a minimalist approach to some of the songs.

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Between The Surface And The Sun’ Track Listing:

1. Transition
2. Weeping Weapons
3. The Vampire Light
4. Track Your Heart (Satellite)
5. Now And Then
6. Fade
7. Burning Man
8. Praying For You
9. The Same Mistake
10. Glamorama
11. Waiting For A Cure
12. Let It Rain