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Album Review: Dawes – ‘We’re All Gonna Die’


Release date: 16th September 2016 via HUB Records

Following on from the critically acclaimed 2015 album ‘All Your Favourite Bands’ which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Folk Albums and number 4 on the Top Rock Albums charts, Dawes are back with a new album. Continue reading “Album Review: Dawes – ‘We’re All Gonna Die’”

Found Audio Runaway With New Album

Found Audio

Boston based Found Audio will be releasing their second album ‘Locomotive Earth’ on 16th October.
Continue reading “Found Audio Runaway With New Album”

It’s All Good For Ned Dylan

Ned Dylan

Ned Dylan has released his debut single ‘Disco’ but this ain’t no pop trash, this is real music.
Continue reading “It’s All Good For Ned Dylan”

Ferocious Dog Tell A Tale

Ferocious Dog

Nottingham based Ferocious Dog have released their new single ‘Slow Motion Suicide’, taken from their album ‘From Without’.
Continue reading “Ferocious Dog Tell A Tale”

Century Thief Release Dream Album

Century Thief

Century Thief have released a new song ‘Pillar’ which is taken from their new album ‘Reverie’ that was released on September 10th.
Continue reading “Century Thief Release Dream Album”

Bethlehem Casuals Run With New Single

Bethlehem Casuals

Manchester based Bethlehem Casuals have released a new single ‘Run Run Run’.
Continue reading “Bethlehem Casuals Run With New Single”

Franc Cinelli Comes Of Age

Franc Cinelli

Singer songwriter Franc Cinelli will be releasing a new album ‘The Marvel Age’ on 18th September via SongCircle Records.
Continue reading “Franc Cinelli Comes Of Age”

In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits But Not With This Album

In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits

Australian dark-folk/alternative project In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits released their latest album ‘Between The Surface And The Sun’ in December 2014 via Italian label Seashell Records
Continue reading “In Every Dream A Nightmare Waits But Not With This Album”

Rony Trio Won’t Be A Mystery For Long

Rony Trio

London based Rony Trio have released their debut single ‘Mystery’ which is a blend of styles to make an upbeat tune that grabs your attention from the first listen.
Continue reading “Rony Trio Won’t Be A Mystery For Long”

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