Ned Dylan

Ned Dylan has released his debut single ‘Disco’ but this ain’t no pop trash, this is real music.

Many youth of today don’t like to seem to be different, being fed a constant stream of manufactured pop and talent shows whilst idolising Z list celebrities, so it was very refreshing to be sent music from Ned Dylan, a 14 year who not only has been on the music scene for a couple of years already, but produces high-quality, well written songs, rather than the bubble gum pop so many contemporaries of his age are listening to.

With tinges of punk and 80’s new wave in an acoustic style, the lyrics are a social expression of what is going on in the world now, which spews out with passion and bile, and an observance of modern day issues with a maturity which is way beyond his years, Ned is one cool kid. With a touch of modern folk, he is a natural story-teller and ‘Disco’ is a single that is going to gain a lot of attention.

Ned, who is barely old enough to have a Facebook account of his own (if he were to play by the rules) has not only produced a storming track, but Fruitbat (Les Carter –Carter USM) played guitar on the single, as well as the legendary Gordon Raphael (the man behind the first three Strokes albums, Regina Spektor’s debut ‘Soviet Kitsch’ and Skin from Skunk Anansie’s comeback album ‘Fake Chemical State’) overseeing the production. Considering I wasn’t much older than Ned when Fruitbat started Carter USM, his involvement is testament to how talented this young man is.

Ned Dylan has already played at a number of festivals this year including Secret Garden Party, BoomTown, Bearded Theory, HowTheLightGetsIn (Hay Lit’s music bit), FolkEast, Rebellion Punk and Bestival. In the past he’s also played Beautiful Days and even Glastonbury as well as other events. As if that wasn’t achievement enough, he has also received critical acclaim from the likes of Tom Robinson, Huey Morgan and Mark Radcliffe among others and had recent plays of the debut single on Amazing Radio.

We need more musicians like Ned to keep proper music alive for future generations.

‘Disco’ is available on iTunes , Amazon, GooglePlay and Spotify.