The Grizzle Mighty

Seattle duo The Grizzled Mighty have just released their 3rd album ‘Closed Knuckle Jaw’, which follows on from their debut self-titled album in 2011, and ‘Thick Hand Grip’ in 2013.

The Grizzled Mighty was (according to their bio) “formed in the fiery belly of an active volcano. Members Ryan and Lupe rose from the ashes of destruction, bringing the erotic riffs of Hades to the trembling surface.” Whilst the legend they have mentioned may not be entirely true, The Grizzled Mighty have definitely released an album that is full of catchy hooks with plenty of fuzz and is an eruption of great sounding tracks on ‘Closed Knuckle Jaw’. With an infectious beat and gravelly vocals, the tracks are bluesy in places, and make an impressive impact from the very first listen. The songs have a dirty tone to them, as the tracks thump and grind their way through this excellent sounding album.

The Grizzled Mighty also describe themselves as being “Seattle’s loudest rock duo” and after listening to the entire album, that is certainly one statement from them that should be believed. This is 11 tracks of brilliant blues-rock that is going to melt faces with its filthy sound.

As well as the album, the band have also released a video for the first single from the album ‘Chantael’

The band are on Facebook and Twitter @grizzledmighty
A digital version of the album is available from their bandcamp page and from iTunes.

‘Closed Knucle Jaw’ Track Listing:

1. Chantael
2. Marble Mouth
3. Need You Tonight
4. For The Sake Of It All
5.Well Run Dry
6. Miles Of Cocaine
7. Luna Nova
8. Fukushima
9. Tap Drips
10. Long Way Home
11. Finer Things