Cork based Alternative Rock band Paradox released their 4th album ‘Chapters’ in January of this year. The album itself is many reflections of the chapters in the bands lives and is more experimental that previous releases.

Paradox was formed by brothers Pete Mac (Vocals, Guitars, Bass – for albums) and Mike Mac (Vocal Harmonies, Drums) in 1996. Also featuring on this album is Jette Pille, who provided backing vocals on some of the tracks and also plays bass for some of the lives shows.

Earlier sounds from the band were influenced by the grunge era, but with ‘Chapters’, Paradox have pushed the boundaries of their musical styles and have produced an excellent album.

With the short opening track ‘Prologue’ that starts with a cello, the album then opens up into a heavy sounding bass on ‘As The World’ before the drums pulverise through the track. With a heavy fuzz-laden guitar, the melodic harmonies are both subtle and powerful. ‘Nothing Lasts’ has a gentle acoustic guitar over a haunting cello, with emotive lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, before the guitars crash into the track as the vocals powerfully rise to a crescendo of sound. ‘S.A.D’ and ‘What’s The Reason?’ both have a thumping rhythm whilst the vocals have a chant like quality about them. ‘Little Lives’ with its filthy bass line throughout brings a heaviness to the album, as the vocals sound raw over a thumping rhythm and lyrically this has a dark tone to it.

Tracks such as ‘Free As A Bird’, ‘Eat’ and ‘Painting Pictures’ have a slower tempo but still have a vibrant sound to them, as the more delicate melodies twist their way through the songs. ‘Beating Down’ has a delicious guitar riff through the track that compliments the vocals, as it explodes into the track, before the riff-laden ‘Other Side’ plays out as the final full length track on the album, that finishes on a fast pace as the style takes influences from a more alternative sound. With the equally haunting ‘Epilogue’, this ends the album in the same style it began.

‘Chapters’ is a beautifully crafted album, that has excellent melodies throughout and offers the listener an evocative tapestry of styles and emotions. Paradox may have pushed the limits whilst recording this album, but they have produced an album that has an immense sound to it and is 14 dynamic songs, that draws the listener in to share their experiences. ‘Chapters’ is an album that can only impress.

The website for the band is They are on Facebook and Twitter @PeteMacParadox You can purchase the album from their bandcamp page A CD version of the album is available from CD Baby and comes with an exclusive bonus track ‘Shame For My Name’.
You can also hear them on ReverbNation

Chapters’ Track Listing:

1. Prologue
2. As the World
3. Nothing Lasts
4. S.A.D
5. Free as a Bird
6. Eat
7. What’s the Reason?
8. Little Lives
9. In Disguise
10. Painting Pictures
11. Beating Down
12. Burning Out
13. Other Side
14. Epilogue