Gotherburg 3 piece Monolord are set to release their album ‘Vænir’ on 28th April via RidingEasy Records, as well as embarking on a European Tour to start in February with Salem’s Pot, including 3 dates in the UK from the 23rd.

Initially formed as a side project in 2013 out of the ashes of Swedish bands Marulk and Rotten Sound by Thomas Jäger (Vocals/Guitars), Mika Häkki (Bass) and Esben Willems (Drums), Monolord emerged as one of 2014’s heaviest and loudest bands.

Named after the biggest lake in Sweden, the album ‘Vænir’ is full of heavy guitar riffs with undercurrents of doom, metal and sludge influences, over dark and melodic vocals. The six tracks, including the recently released single ‘Cursing The One’ are an excellent powerhouse of heaviness, that unleashes a feral beast of an album.

Monolord be touring Europe from February with fellow Swedes and RidingEasy label mates Salem’s Pot, including a few festival dates.

Tour Dates:

Feb 18th – KB18 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Feb 19th – Kufa Löseke (Hildesheim, Germany)
Feb 20th – Merleyn (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Feb 21st – Vera (Groningen, Netherlands)
Feb 22nd – Het Bos (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Feb 23rd – The Anvil (Bristol, United Kingdom)
Feb 24th – The Library (Leeds, United Kingdom)
Feb 25th – The Black Heart (London, United Kingdom)

Feb 26th – Glazart (Paris, France)
Feb 27th – Heretic Club (Bordeaux, France)
Feb 28th – Sala Sonora (Erandio, Spain)
Mar 1st – Wurlitzer Ballroom (Madrid, Spain)
Mar 2nd – RockSound (Barcelona, Spain)
Mar 3rd – The Black Sheep (Montpellier, France)
Mar 5th – Arena (Vienna, Austria)
Mar 6th – P.M.K. (Innsbruck, Austria)
Mar 7th – TBA (Munich, Germany)
Mar 8th – Alma (Leipzig, Germany)
Mar 21st – Kulturhuset Bastionen (Uddevalla, Sweden)
Apr 9th – Roadburn Festival (Tilburg, Netherlands)
Apr 10th – Crystal (Berlin, Germany)
Jul 10th – Lo-Fi (Milan, Italy)
Jul 11th – Stick And Stone Fest (Nikolsdorf, Austria)
Aug 14th – Leper Hardcore Fest (Leper, Belgium)

The website for Monolord is They are on Facebook www. and Twitter @MonolordSweden
The single ‘Cursing The One’ is available from their Bandcamp page

‘Vænir’ Track Listing:

1. Cursing The One
2. We Will Burn
3. Nuclear Death
4. Died A Million Times
5. The Cosmic Silence
6. Vænir