New York based power trio Bishop released their latest album ‘Hate Wide Open’ in January 2015.

Formed in 1998 and comprising of brothers Tom Semeraro (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Rocco Semeraro (Drums, Vocals) and Vinny Padula (Bass, Vocals), their latest album, which the band produced themselves, is 12 tracks of impressive sounding rock.

From the very first beat of the pounding drums on the opening track ‘Pretty Young’, which explodes into a monster guitar riff before the gravelly vocals rise over the track, the album makes a powerful statement. With its heavy rock sound, title track ‘Hate Wide Open’ has a darker sound to it, with a massive sounding rhythm section and an almost anthemic chant to the chorus. ‘Mistake’, ‘Bleeding Lime’ and ‘Dead Before Dawn’ all pick up the pace on the album, with filthy sounding guitars as the rhythm crashes through each track. ‘Pill’ has a slight stoner undertone to the song, with a dirty bass line that thumps through the track, as the vocals soar above the heavy guitars. Even the slower sounding ‘Awaken’ with its ligher, more melodic style to it, still manages to sound powerful. ‘Fly ‘with its almost grungy influences is full of those delicious sounding guitars making it sound much more than just a trio, as you are drawn in to the raw sounding vocals on the track. Final track ‘Move’ is again packed full of crunchy sounding guitars that keeps up the heaviness that is heard through the entire album.

‘Hate Wide Open’ is an immense sounding album from the band and like they say in the final song “so rock it up”, you so want to do just that with such an excellent album as this. No rock collection should be without it.

The website for the band is
They are on Facebook and Twitter @bishoprockmusic
The album is available as a download from iTunes and Amazon. The CD version is available from their website.

‘Hate Wide Open’ Track Listing:

1. Pretty Young
2. Hate Wide Open
3. Free Fall
4. Mistake
5 .Pill
6. The Whip
7. Awaken
8. Bleeding Lime
9. Dead Before Dawn
10. Fly
11. Neverland
12. Move