Mighty Mosh Promotions hosted a night of rock with 5 bands and a good night was had by all who were there.

Blind Man’s Vision were the first to take to the stage and this was a band that was classic rock meets progressive, with a touch of retro thrown in as well. This 5 piece with keyboards were a great start to the night, with catchy songs such as ‘Let It All Flow’ and ‘Fiendish Me’, that started with a great sounding guitar before the vocals soared over the track and ended with a powerfully sung note that was impressively long. If Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull had recorded a track together, then ‘Fill My Cup’ surely would have been the result, with its great mix of styles. The band certainly put on a great set for the first slot of the evening and kicked off the night in true rock style.

4 piece Velvetine picked up the pace with their set, which was energetic from the outset. ‘Live To Die’ was straight into heavy sounding guitars and they had a certain confidence about them for being a relatively young band. Playing their new track ‘Last Night’, the addition of the second guitar gave the songs another edge to them, and ‘Pleasure and Pain’ with its influence of punk, was a powerful sounding track, with the band giving it some serious moves on the stage at the same time. This was a set that was over far too soon as the band certainly deserved to play for far longer, what they did play sounded immense and it had been another great set.

Lip Service have classic rock all wrapped up with their sound. With a slight 80’s style to them and playing a set full of rock style anthems, the band were here to entertain and they definitely did that. Starting off by asking the crowd “do you want to party?”, it was loud guitars, gravelly rock vocals and big sounding songs throughout. New song ‘Perfume and Alcohol’ got the crowd going with its classic sounding guitars and this was how good old rock and roll should be. ‘Lowlife In High Heels’ gave a possible insight as to the kind of women they meet, this was a great sounding, fast-paced, almost retro sounding track that thumped its way around the venue, and the crowd had partied to the great set from them throughout.

Davy’s Gripp were straight into the set with their impressive sounding rock, as ‘The Search’, as its great sounding guitars and pounding drums resounded around the venue. With excellent vocals and harmonies, the crowd at the front were moving to their set from the opening song and the band were sounding incredibly polished. This band certainly increased the volume with their songs, and with the impressive guitar licks on ‘Pressure’ this was full on, in your face rock that sounded massive. With some great banter with the crowd as well, the band were proving popular with those that were there. With song after song being played at an almost frenetic pace at times, during ‘One Lung Rose’ both the band and the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the fast-paced song. Ending what had been an excellent set with ‘Wicked Game’ which was full of filthy sounding guitars, a filthy sounding bass line and an edge to the vocals that lent to the power of the track, the whole set from the band had been exciting to watch.

Mordecai were the headline band for the night, and with it came the heaviest set of the evening. With killer sounding guitars that were deliciously heavy, this was a band that was going to take no prisoners from the very first note. With excellent tracks such as ‘Simple Deal’ which had massive sounding drums and guitars that were played at what seemed like 100 miles per hour at times, the melodic vocals were a great contrast to the dirty sound from the band. This was riff heaven that sometimes alternated between a stoner and grungy tone, as well as a metal influence at times, that made the set sound immense in the more intimate venue. With great harmonies and plenty of power chords, it was face melting rock from them. ‘Cold Blooded Murder’ with the dual guitars thumping through the venue, had heads moving along to the song in unison from the crowd, before it was no let-up in the powerful songs from them with ‘Lifeline’, which started off at a slightly slower pace before the guitars crashed into the track and you were hit by a wall of sound. There was an intensity to the set that matched the heaviness of the songs such as ‘Sober’ and this was a set for everyone in the crowd that liked their rock to sound monstrous. ‘Final Curtain’ was more of that excellent sound from the band and taking time out in between to thank every for coming and for the other bands for playing, which was great to see, Mordecai were playing a storming set in true headlining form. ‘Method In Your Madness’ went down very well with the crowd as fists were punched in the air in time to the massive sounding chorus on this track. With a set full of excellent sounding heavy rock, the band ended their set in the only way they could, with a high-octane, riff-driven outro that shook the venue, and completed a night that had been rock at its very best.