Dinosaur Eyelids

New Jersey based Dinosaur Eyelids released their 4th studio album ‘Bypass To Knowhere’ in December 2014. Having already released their debut album ‘Winter Solstice’ in 2009, second album ‘Down a River’ in 2011 and third album ‘Conflagration’ in 2012, this has been a much anticipated album from the band.

Evan Staats (Vocals), Scott Staats (Bass), Patrick McKnight (Guitar) and Mark Leone (Drums) formed the band in 2009, and are well known for their energetic live performances throughout the north east area in the US. ‘Bypass To Knowhere’ is an album that brings together all their influences to showcase a collection of strong songs, with a variety of styles.

From the opening track ‘Talking To Me’ with its dirty sound to it, this track has a retro feel to it, as the vocals crash through the song, before the contrasting style of ‘Nowhere Fast’ that has a more delicate sound to it is next. With tracks such as ‘Hate And Love’ which rises into a crescendo of sound, and ‘Endless Cycle’, all with their great melodies over a lighter tone, there is something for everyone on the album. The infectious sounding ‘Byzantine Conduit’ gets in your head from the very first listen and with the more old school retro track ‘Green Eyed Soul’, it is only a few songs in and the album is offering some fresh and exciting to listen to on every track that is played. Sometimes it is hard to pull off such different styles, but it works really well on this album, with ’16 Years’ and ‘World On Fire’ being opposites of how each song sounds. ‘Vernal Equinox’ with its fuzzy sounding guitars and dark sounding vocals brings another change of direction as the track has a delicious heaviness about it. From the more indie sounding ‘Lambertville’ to the acoustic ‘Forgiven Too Soon’, Dinosaur Eyelids have brought together a collection of songs that are excellent to listen to, whether it be rock, blues, indie, grunge or a retro style from the band, and ‘Bypass To Knowhere’ will stay a favourite for a long time to come.

The website for the band is http://www.dinosaureyelids.com They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dinosaur-Eyelids and Twitter @DinosaurEyelids
The album is available from their bandcamp page https://dinosaureyelids.bandcamp.com/album/bypass-to-nowhere and from CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dinosaureyelids5
Their music is also available from iTunes and Amazon

‘Bypass To Knowhere’ Track Listing

1. Talkin’ to Me
2. Nowhere Fast
3. Byzantine Conduit
4. Green Eyed Soul
5. Vernal Equinox
6. 16 Years
7. Halo Judgement
8. Lambertville
9. Hate and Love
10. Endless Cycle
11. Forgiven Too Soon
12. World on Fire