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Davy’s Gripp Live At Cheers Bar, Rox Festival, Bognor Regis

Davy's Gripp


Now in its 25th year, Bognor Regis hosted its annual Rox Festival where the town plays host to a heap of live music. Spread across a number of stages, the only place to be seen on the Saturday evening was Cheers Bar to see local heroes Davy’s Gripp play their set, and judging by a ram-packed venue, a lot of people had the same idea.
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Mordecai, Davy’s Gripp, Lip Service, Velvetine, Blind Man’s Vision Live At Talking Heads, Southampton



Mighty Mosh Promotions hosted a night of rock with 5 bands and a good night was had by all who were there.
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Davy’s Gripp Receive Band Of The Month Nomination

DG Vote

Chichester based rock band Davy’s Gripp have been nominated for December Band Of The Month by the prestigious Firebrand Rock Radio and Magazine. With Firebrand being at the forefront of rock music and having been instrumental in promoting bands who deserve the attention of a much wider audience, along with regular reviews and interviews with more established bands such as Glenn Hughes and Halestorm, to even be nominated when there are so many bands out there trying to get heard, is testament to how brilliant Davy’s Gripp sound.
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Time To Search Out Davy’s Gripp

The Search

South Coast based band Davy’s Gripp are about to release their second EP comprising of 5 tracks and entitled ‘The Search’ along with a premiere of their music video which is being launched on YouTube on 26th October at 8pm (UK time), to much anticipation. Having been very kindly given a preview of the new EP and video prior to general release by the band, I can honestly say that not only will current fans of the band be thrilled by their latest release but this is the EP that is going to gain a whole new legion of fans with their music.
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Featured Band: Davy’s Gripp

Davy's Gripp

Chichester based band Davy’s Gripp are a band that has a classic rock sound that is never going to sound dated. Formed in 2010 this five piece have gained a steady following with support slots for Toseland and The Virginmarys plus a headline slot at the historic 100 Club in London. With melodic rock songs that are just outstanding, all of the band each bring their unique talents that can be heard on all of their releases.
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Davy’s Gripp Live At Jack Rabbit Slims, Bognor Regis

Davy's Gripp


This weekend of the 26th and 27th July the seaside resort of Bognor Regis is hosting its 24th annual Rox Festival held across 6 venues hosting around 100 artists, various DJ sets and workshops. Jack Rabbit Slims on the seafront was one of the venues with 24 artists featured there over the weekend and with all the live music happening there was only one band out of the entire event that I wanted to see and they were Davy’s Gripp.
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Davy’s Gripp Play Those Wicked Games


I love to discover new bands and nothing beats the excitement of hearing a band that instantly grabs your attention. Recently a follow on twitter led me to discover a band called Davy’s Gripp who not only sound great but are also a local band to me. Supporting slots with Toseland and The VirginMary’s plus playing at the 02 Academy in Islington recently, the band are making a mark in the world of rock music.
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