Davy's Gripp


This weekend of the 26th and 27th July the seaside resort of Bognor Regis is hosting its 24th annual Rox Festival held across 6 venues hosting around 100 artists, various DJ sets and workshops. Jack Rabbit Slims on the seafront was one of the venues with 24 artists featured there over the weekend and with all the live music happening there was only one band out of the entire event that I wanted to see and they were Davy’s Gripp.

This 5 piece comprising of Richie (Vocals) Woodsey (Guitar) Chris (Guitar) Matt (Drums) and Darren (Bass) are exactly how a rock band should sound and having purchased both their excellent Wicked Game EP and State Of Mind album along with the must have tee-shirt, I had already become slightly obsessed by the Gripp sound and so nothing was going to keep me from making the trip over to Bognor to see them perform live.

Small and intimate, Jack Rabbits Slims was a nice venue for my first Davy’s Gripp live experience and compared to last week was definitely a lot cooler which in itself was a bonus for me before they even arrived on the stage to do their set.

The set began with a new song The Search which opened to a sound of pure rock at its very best. The band sounded great and you knew you were in for an amazing time of music.

Next up was State of Mind which although I love all the of songs from Davy’s Gripp this one is a favourite of mine, the vocals of Richie as powerful as ever sung over the excellent sound of the rest of the band.

Then it was onto their song that was featured on the Hi-Lo Joe soundtrack Overrated, another excellent song that has generated a lot of interest on SoundCloud, a real foot-stomper with Darren providing some great backing vocals to the song.

Me, Myself and I was the penultimate track, a slower starting song with the guitars from Chris and Woodsey sounding almost hypnotic before the drums and bass of Matt and Darren all come together to make this my most favourite track. Add in the raw and emotional vocals of Richie and I was in music heaven by this point.

Finally Pressure rounded off the brilliant set, a final chance to savour just how amazing this band is live and all too soon the set was over. 30 minutes for me wasn’t anywhere near long enough and I just wanted to hear all the rest of the songs from them.

I have seen a lot of bands over the years and tonight’s gig in all honestly has to be one of the best I have seen, this is a band that should be filling stadiums with the rock sound they produce, they just sound so amazing live and I hope it is not too long before I get the chance to see them again. If you only ever see one live gig in the future, then Davy’s Gripp is the band to see.

Having met them all afterwards I also have to say they are also some of the nicest people I have ever come across and really friendly to chat to.

So for those that missed out on an incredible gig, head over to the website of Davy’s Gripp to check out their music so you can hear for yourself why this is the band that any person who loves rock music needs to have in their lives. http://www.davysgripp.com