Dirty Thrills

My love of discovering new bands that you just instantly get a real buzz from hearing them has to be one of the best things in life and so it was great to come across the Dirty Thrills, a rock band based in London. This was a band full of dirty riffs, addictive bass and drums that had a bluesy rock sound with vocals to die for. Louis James (Vocals), Jack Fawdry (Guitar), Aaron Plows (Bass), and Stevo Corrigan (Drums) not only are the epitome of how rock band should look but the sound of them also made them one of the bands to watch.

A release of the Growing Young EP gave a great taster to how good this band were and so it was with much anticipation that an album would follow this. Funding for an album can be difficult especially for those bands that are unsigned but thanks to PledgeMusic and other similar sites bands are now able to have a little help towards the cost of making their music as fans pledge towards exclusive items from the band and it was through this that I pledged on their debut self-titled album quite a few times in the end!

There were nice little updates from the Dirty Thrills during the making of the album via PledgeMusic that gave those who were involved in the funding of the project a nice little reminder of how things were going and so it was with much anticipation that the album would finally be ready in July/August, having played the Growing Young EP constantly throughout the wait for the album I was very excited to hear the new tracks. So as a reward for supporting the band in getting their album made, pledgers were treated to an exclusive early download of the album before it went on general sale and all I can say is it was very much definitely worth the wait.

What can I say but this album is 10 tracks of musical greatness. Louis has a vocal style that is reminiscent of those great singers who have an enduring style many decades later, old school yet incredibly modern this is someone who can sing, a breath of fresh air in a manufactured music world. The range across the whole songs is just amazing as the vocals are so powerful. Add in the excellent guitar playing of Jack, grooving bass from Aaron and the big sound of the drums from Stevo this is an album that has everything you want from a rock album. Infectiously catchy with a big rock sound, it is a real pleasure to listen to again and again and believe me I have played it a lot of times since I got the download.

I realise I may be teasing you slightly by not doing an in depth review of the entire album but I want to savour the fact for a while that I was one of the first to hear it by showing my support for the band. Which is why supporting bands financially in helping them get their music heard is important as you will be rewarded for it. I was certainly rewarded by the Dirty Thrills with a debut album that is essential for any rock music collection. This is certainly an album that you need to buy once it is on general release as it is destined to become a rock classic, every single track is just incredible and it is an album you will want to keep playing on repeat.

The self-titled Dirty Thrills album should be available for release within the coming month for those that missed out on the opportunity to hear it early and you can keep an eye out for updates on their website http://www.dirty-thrills.com. They are also on Facebook and Twitter (@DirtyThrills) so give them a follow to hear when the album is released. If you want to hear how good they sound they can also be found on ReverbNation and SoundCloud and their Growing Young EP is available on Amazon and iTunes. This band is very much destined for greater things now the debut album is finished so don’t miss out on getting your Dirty Thrills.