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Featured Band: Tricorn


Portsmouth based four piece Tricorn formed in 2008 and since then the band have built on their reputation of delivering solid riffs, full of a hard rock sound that is classic, heavy and with a stoner influence, which not only sounds epic on their 2 albums, but also sounds immense when played live.
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Rival State Live At The Black Heart, London

Rival State


When Rival State relocated from New Zealand to London this year, The Black Heart in Camden was the very first venue they played at and so it was a return to the venue for the band to kick off their ‘Youth Tax’ EP UK Tour last night.
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The Treatment Live At The Joiners, Southampton

The Treatment

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Time To Search Out Davy’s Gripp

The Search

South Coast based band Davy’s Gripp are about to release their second EP comprising of 5 tracks and entitled ‘The Search’ along with a premiere of their music video which is being launched on YouTube on 26th October at 8pm (UK time), to much anticipation. Having been very kindly given a preview of the new EP and video prior to general release by the band, I can honestly say that not only will current fans of the band be thrilled by their latest release but this is the EP that is going to gain a whole new legion of fans with their music.
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Toseland, Electric River Live At The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

Toseland 1


James Toseland is world famous due to his career in World Superbikes and he has now turned his attention to another passion of his and that is music. Having already released his debut album Renegade with a number of singles getting considerable airplay, he has just embarked on a new UK tour with the opening night at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth.
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The Dirty Thrills Album Won’t Sit Around And Gather Dust

Dirty Thrills

With the debut self-titled Dirty Thrills album on general release it is time to remind everyone why this is an album to buy if you like your music full of blues and rock with a powerful vocal that just blows you away. If you missed my previous post about how great Dirty Thrills sound then this review of the album will hopefully give you an idea why I love the sound of this band so much.
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With Rival Sons, Good Things Will Happen


Having spent the last decade in a period I term the dark ages I have finally come to my senses and rediscovered the main passion in my life which is music. During this time where music was very much lacking in my life there have probably been many great bands I have missed out on and one of those bands are Rivals Sons. Having already released 3 previous albums it was only this year that I heard them due to some airplay on radio stations over here in the UK from their latest album Great Western Valkyrie and I immediately loved the retro vibe this band produce, which debuted in the UK in the Top 20 of the albums charts and sticking 2 fingers up to those that say rock music is dead.
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What Better Than Some Dirty Thrills

Dirty Thrills

My love of discovering new bands that you just instantly get a real buzz from hearing them has to be one of the best things in life and so it was great to come across the Dirty Thrills, a rock band based in London. This was a band full of dirty riffs, addictive bass and drums that had a bluesy rock sound with vocals to die for. Louis James (Vocals), Jack Fawdry (Guitar), Aaron Plows (Bass), and Stevo Corrigan (Drums) not only are the epitome of how rock band should look but the sound of them also made them one of the bands to watch.
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