The Treatment


Last night it was the turn of Southampton to see The Treatment on their Second Bite tour that is coming to an end this week after a successful tour around the UK. After touring with the likes of Thin Lizzy, Slash, and Mötley Crue, this Cambridge based band consisting of Matt Jones (Vocals), Dee Dammers (Guitar), Tagore Grey (Guitar), Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman (Bass) and Dhani Mansworth (Drums), were more than ready to show the crowd they have learnt how to put on a great rock show from the best.

Straight into ‘I Bleed Rock + Roll’ with its crashing guitars, huge riffs, The Treatment were just that with vocals of Matt Jones showing no signs that this was 13th date on their October tour and sounding just awesome live. With a mixture of songs from both their albums ‘This Might Hurt’ and ‘Running With The Dogs’ it was then on to ‘The Doctor’, gritty guitars resounding through the speakers with fast paced rock getting the crowd going only the second song in. ‘Don’t Look Down’ and ‘Emergency’ were up next, huge anthems with pounding drums, the band were enjoying the set as much as the crowd were. The band were not only looking every inch how a rock band should be but also showing the crowd why they are on this headline tour.

With no let-up of epic rock tunes, next it was on to ‘Let It Begin’ as the band gave a full on rock performance before treating the crowd to a new song ‘Bloodsucker’ which given how great all their other songs sound live, even though not one of their more familiar tracks, the crowd still lapped it up. ‘Drink, F***, Fight’ being one of the more popular songs was up next to the delight of the crowd and with massively powerful riffs, this was an energetic performance from The Treatment during this song.

Next up it was the second single from their latest album ‘The Outlaw’ which has been getting some serious airplay since it was released and you can see why it was chosen as a single, thumping bass, monstrous drums, downright dirty guitar riffs and epic rock vocals, live it just sounded immense. ‘Running With The Dogs’ which was also another popular song and probably one of their more catchy tunes, on this song this is where the vocals of Matt Jones really stand out, slightly raw sounding it’s a real foot stomper and crowd-mover of a song.

After establishing the fact it was in fact Monday night at The Joiners, which given the number of dates the band have packed in over the last 3 weeks, they can easily be forgiven for some slight confusion, the band were here to make sure the crowd were still in weekend mode and so next was ‘Get The Party On’. Just to make sure the crowd were joining in the party The Treatment were holding, Matt Jones at one point got down onto the floor with the fans as the massive rock fest continued. Finishing the set it was ‘Shake The Mountain’, the band were still not showing any signs that the rock was going to end until the very last note was played.

A final encore of ‘Departed’ and ‘Nothing To Lose But Our Minds’ which ended to swaying arms of the crowd throughout as the slowest song of the night was played and this huge anthem song seeing the band and crowd alike joining in, ended what had been a brilliant night of rock from The Treatment.