Cairo Son


The Black Heart in Camden has seen a lot of bands grace its stage but tonight it was host to something very special when Cairo Son took to the stage, supporting Rival State who were playing the first night of their UK tour.

Magdy (Vocals & Guitar), Rico (Bass) and Kris (Drums) arrived on stage and immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd with the first opening bars of ‘Heart Against The Feather’. Gritty guitars with a killer bass line, pounding drums all combining to an epic rock sound before the vocals of Magdy resounded around the venue. Add in the lush harmonies of Rico on the chorus and this song was an absolute monster of a rock song to start of the set.

‘Now That You’re Here’ started with a dirty sounding guitar groove before the drums brought in the beat, a blues tinged song with a thumping bass. Magdy has one of those vocals that you not only hear, but with its raw yet powerful tone it is one of those rare voices that you actually feel as you listen to the song and with the seductive lyrics, you are totally mesmerised watching Cairo Son on stage.

Next it was ‘Burnt With Spite’ that starts with an almost delicate riff before it explodes into a monstrous sound of guitars and rhythm from the entire band, add in the melodic vocals and this track just blows you away from the very beginning. Ending with one of the most tremendous rock sounds ever heard where the guitars combine into a serious crescendo of riffs, you just don’t want this song to end.

A new song ‘Storm Clouds’ was slightly slower than the other songs in the set, but this in itself is a huge anthem of a song. Crashing guitars with another dirty sounding blues tone to the song and with the chorus rising to an almost hypnotic sound, Cairo Son were sounding just as brilliant with the new songs.

Another new song ‘Give Me Strength’ was the final song of the evening. The monster guitar riffs along with the powerful rock vocals, thunderous drums and a bass line that reverberated around the room, this track has everything that you ever wanted from a rock song and with its final dangerous sounding guitars riffs, Cairo Son brought their set to a close.

Having produced a truly stunning album with ‘Heart Against The Feather’ Cairo Son were every bit as exceptional live as well in London tonight. One of the best rock bands to emerge on to the scene in recent years, Cairo Son can only be destined for greater things as when rock is this awesome, everyone is going to want to hear them.