Dirty Thrills

With the debut self-titled Dirty Thrills album on general release it is time to remind everyone why this is an album to buy if you like your music full of blues and rock with a powerful vocal that just blows you away. If you missed my previous post about how great Dirty Thrills sound then this review of the album will hopefully give you an idea why I love the sound of this band so much.

A band with a sound full of dirty riffs, addictive bass and drums, a bluesy rock sound with vocals to die for, Louis James (Vocals), Jack Fawdry (Guitar), Aaron Plows (Bass), and Stevo Corrigan (Drums) have produced an album that is going to remain a much played addition to any record collection in the years to come.

Starting off with the track No Resolve the excellent guitar playing leads into the rhythm of this track before the vocals soar over an impressive range. Its dirty, it’s rock, it’s blues, it’s a great introduction to the album.

Burning Bridges is already a favourite with an addictive and rocking beat that has your foot tapping within seconds, a chorus that remains in your head throughout the whole song with a mid-section guitar solo that is up there with the best.

Rock and Roll the third track does just that. Reminiscent of those classic rock songs across the decades this song rocks, an exciting groove accompanying vocals that are quite literally of the scale reminding you how much Louis can sing.

Resume Regret is more modern in style showing that this band aren’t just about that old style blues sound, producing a rock song more than holding its own within the album, it’s loud and has a fast beat that just screams out this is rock to you.

In contrast Is This Home is a power ballad, with a gentle acoustic intro and a more emotional tone to the vocals but it still sounds great, the song then rising to an assault on the senses once the sound and vocals unleash their power on this track.

Back straight into those dirty guitar riffs and grooving rhythm honed so well by the band, Reign is full of everything you want from a rock track, how those vocals can remain so powerful as a rapid delivery of the lyrics is present throughout the track is something to be amazed by.

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing has that drum sound that I like so much, not so much background but right up there with the rest of the band and coming to the fore. This to me is classic rock how it should be reminding me of an era when rock was rightfully top of the music pile and this is the track to bring it back into the here and now.

The Man Who Lost His Way again revisits that bluesy/rock sound this band just do far better than so many other bands, a real retro feel with gritty guitars, thumping bass and drums and with more old school vocals that just combine to make this track cool.

Follow Me Home has it all again, a track to totally rock out to which will get you far more than toe-tapping, the neighbours are going to be demanding you turn it down as this can only be played loudly.

Sigh is the final song of the album and it’s kind of how you feel when you realise this is the last track on the album as it has been 10 tracks of musical greatness. A final chance to soak up their incredible sound, the Dirty Thrills have a nice little touch of the sound of a needle on vinyl reminding you this could have been an album from years ago that is still very much relevant today, it is never going to date and a fitting end to what has been a brilliant debut album. Then its repeat the whole album numerous times as one play at a time is never going to be enough.

You are certainly missing out if you don’t get this album as in years to come it is going be up there with the best of them in terms of classic albums to own. I’ve been playing this album for weeks and it is already one of my most favourite albums, it certainly has it all both lyrically and musically, soaring vocals, electrifying guitar riffs and a tight rhythm that all come together perfectly to make this record from the Dirty Thrills one of the best debut albums from a band I have ever heard.

The website for the band is http://www.dirty-thrills.com. They are also on Facebook and Twitter (@DirtyThrills) so give them a follow. You can purchase the album from Spotify, iTunes or http://dirtythrillsclothing.bigcartel.com/product/dirty-thrills-dirty-thrills-album-cd. To hear just how great they sound, songs from the Growing Young EP can also be heard on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/dirtythrills, ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/dirtythrills and Spotify.