Tax The Heat have been generating a lot of interest over recent months with Fed To The Lions and Devil’s Daughter gaining some much deserved airplay and from their live performances especially over the summer. I recently had the pleasure of seeing them perform live at a support slot on the Black Star Riders UK tour and I could see for myself why this band based in Bristol are being talked about so much as it was an electrifying live set.

This four piece band with Alex Veale (Vocals and Guitar) Antonio Angotti (Bass and Backing Vocals) JP Jacyshyn (Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Jack Taylor (Drums and Backing Vocals) have been entertaining audiences across the UK over the summer with support slots for Kansas, Black Star Riders and also have upcoming support dates for The Graveltones and The VirginMarys. They have also played Download, Calling Festival with Aerosmith and Steelhouse, whilst also making another return this year to Planet Rockstock in December. With an excellent 4 track EP it is easy to see why this band is very much in demand at the moment and rightly so.

Having purchased the self-titled EP it has a lot packed into just four tracks. Starting with Devil’s Daughter, it’s straight into a catchy riff that instantly grabs your attention, full of rock with a chorus that plays in your head as soon as you hear it. It’s one of those tracks that is best appreciated loudly. Onto the second track Caroline, a southern-tinged sounding song but with the unique sound of the band, a lighter touch on the verses but again moving onto a big chorus which makes the contrasting styles a joy to listen to.

The third track Fed To The Lions was the song that got me interested in the band and I suspect quite a lot of other people as well. It’s full of riffs, anthemic, dirty rhythm and blues rock at its best and the perfect example of why this band should be huge. It also has one the most impressive guitar riffs heard at the end of any song. A final song Summer Girl is a great end to the EP, reminding me slightly of that rock sound heard in the 90’s but with a modern twist to it to make it current, the vocals and music all coming together to make the EP something that is needed to be purchased.

I’ve listened to the EP numerous times and it is certainly one of my choices for this year of music you should buy, if they are coming to a live venue near you then this is a band to see as they put on a great set with their energy and sound when playing live and it won’t be long before they are the ones looking for support bands with how great they sound. I hope to catch them live again in the near future and I am also very much looking forward to further releases from the band in the future as Tax The Heat certainly are an exciting band to follow.

More details of Tax The Heat can be found on their website, where you can also purchase their EP on vinyl, and is also available to download via Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. Songs can also be heard on SoundCloud to see why I like this band so much.