Formed in Melbourne in 2012, Massive describe themselves as a deadly 8 legged Aussie rock-monster that isn’t for the faint-hearted and Full Throttle certainly backs up that claim, with Brad Marr (Vocals, Guitar), Ben Laguda (Lead Guitar), Aidan McGarrigle (Bass) and Jarrod Medwin (Drums) producing a turbo-charged rock album that engulfs the senses from the very first play and this album has 15 tracks of rock at its very best.

Starting with One By One the album hits the ground running with riff after riff, big rock vocals and a rhythm section that almost breaks the speed of sound. Hollywood ups the pace even more if you ever thought that was at all possible, a couple of bars in and you are already moshing in the comfort of your own home. Big Trend Setter is a big sound, it thumps through the speakers before the hooking sounds of Dancefloor is there in your face and lets you know Massive are here to rock. Lacey keeps up the tempo so there is no easing off the gas with how much this band rock.

Ghost finally pauses only slightly for breath, the vocals of Brad along with the backing vocals just sounding amazing over a slightly slower groove, before launching into Burn The Sun which is back to riff and rock sound heaven. Bring Down The City is a crescendo of that rock sound that makes Massive the masters of rock and carries straight on through Now Or Never. Best Of Both Worlds rocks its way through the track before ending with a Gospel sound. Gospel on a rock record, WTF? But these guys totally manage pull it off and it sounds great.

The title track Full Throttle is just that, speeding through with the foot to the floor and then onto Halo Or The Gun keeping up at a relentless pace that is pure rock. Same Old Story has loud drums, loud guitars, loud vocals, loud everything whilst If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) rocks its way far better than the AC/DC original through the entire song before ending the album with Aerosmiths’ Rats In The Cellar, covered in their signature sound which is an explosion of epic rock.

If you like your rock to be loud, fast, full of riffs with fantastic rock vocals then Full Throttle from Massive is definitely the album for you. The band are over in the UK in October supporting The Treatment along with Buffalo Summer, with a few more dates in November after they have also toured Europe. This is not going to be a gig to miss to hear just how great this band sound, the whole evening is going to be rock at its very best and Massive are going to rock the venue from the very first second.

Massive have produced an excellent rock album and it is not going to be long until this band becomes, well massive in all honesty.

For details of the band visit their website where you can listen to the tracks from the album before you will be compelled to buy it. Here in the UK Earache Records have both a European and US Store for Massive goodies plus some limited edition items and the album is also available from Amazon. Time to go and check this band out.