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Massive Announce Aussie Wrecking Crew UK/European Tour


Aussie rockers Massive have announced their long-awaited return to the Northern Hemisphere with dates for a UK and European tour, where you can hear tracks from their new album ‘Destination Somewhere’ live for the very first time outside of Oz. Continue reading “Massive Announce Aussie Wrecking Crew UK/European Tour”

Massive Are Gonna Rock Until The Encore


Formed in Melbourne in 2012, Massive describe themselves as a deadly 8 legged Aussie rock-monster that isn’t for the faint-hearted and Full Throttle certainly backs up that claim, with Brad Marr (Vocals, Guitar), Ben Laguda (Lead Guitar), Aidan McGarrigle (Bass) and Jarrod Medwin (Drums) producing a turbo-charged rock album that engulfs the senses from the very first play and this album has 15 tracks of rock at its very best.
Continue reading “Massive Are Gonna Rock Until The Encore”

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