Davy's Gripp

Chichester based band Davy’s Gripp are a band that has a classic rock sound that is never going to sound dated. Formed in 2010 this five piece have gained a steady following with support slots for Toseland and The Virginmarys plus a headline slot at the historic 100 Club in London. With melodic rock songs that are just outstanding, all of the band each bring their unique talents that can be heard on all of their releases.

Richie Martin (Vocals) Chris Kanter (Lead Guitar), Justin Woods (Rhythm Guitar), Benji Burns (Bass) and Matt Taylor (Drums) have everything of just how a rock band should sound. Raw, powerful and melodic vocals, soaring riffs from lead guitars, gritty rhythm guitars, a defined bass sound and pulverising drums, whether is it from their records or playing live, they give it their all every single time, no half measures for this band.

Davy’s Gripp are now back in the studio and are due to release a second studio EP hopefully within the next month. 5 epic tracks of their distinctive sound which will be released as a download and a limited-edition CD that includes a bonus Digi-pack featuring a DVD of their video to their new single The Search which was directed by James Kermack, who also directed their first compelling video Immortal Love, featured below. The band are also currently writing more songs and are making plans to get back out on the road for some more live dates in the near future.

Having previously released their EP Wicked Game and the album State Of Mind Live (which I have reviewed here), such is their brilliance that like all of their fans I have been very much ‘Gripped’ by their sound and State Of Mind Live has to be my album of the year.

For me, that first thing that draws you to Davy’s Gripp are the delectable vocals, there is just something about them that sends shivers down your spine but as soon as you listen to their songs you can also hear the whole band with its edgy rock guitars and impressive rhythm section across all of the tracks. Both musically and lyrically their songs are never just background noise as they too well-crafted to ever be just that. Emotive and well-constructed, these are definitely not your standard bulk rock tracks and that just makes it even more interesting. With changes to the tempo throughout, each songs defines who Davy’s Gripp are and how they want to sound. Even with numerous listens all their music is something you can never tire of and not one song they have released is one you ever want to skip, something that doesn’t always happen with every band I listen to.

With a rock band sounding this awesome, Davy’s Gripp are definitely a band to watch as they can only rise in popularity once people have heard their songs. This is a band whose determination to succeed with endless talent and hard work is obvious in every track they have written and it is time to reward that by giving them a listen and then by also buying their music. Once you do, I will guarantee you will also be ‘Gripped’ by them.

You can follow the band via their website http://www.davysgripp.com, on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/davysgripp and Twitter @DavysGripp which I recommend for updates as this is a band that always appreciates their fans. Their music is on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/davysgripp, ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/davysgripp and iTunes. Their EP, State Of Mind Album and other must have merchandise are also available on their website.