Shamans Harvest

Shaman’s Harvest are one of those bands that you listen to and think when a band sounds this good why are they not so well known as their contemporaries as they should be. Formed in Missouri in 1996 and having now released 5 albums which have spawned singles that were featured on the Billboard Rock Charts, inclusions in film soundtracks and a theme song for WWE, this is a band that has delivered consistently great albums over that time.

With core members Nathan Hunt (Lead Vocals/Acoustic) and Josh Hamler (Guitar/Vocals) being consistent through the band, the line-up is now completed by Matt Fisher (Bass/Vocals), Derrick Shipp (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Joe Harrington (Drums). Their first album Last Call For Goose Creek was released in 1999, followed by Synergy in 2002, March Of The Bastards in 2006 and Shine in 2009 which featured the song Dragonfly that peaked at #15 in the US rock chart, selling 130,000 copies. With great rock vocals, huge guitar riffs and a tight rhythm section, Shaman’s Harvest have a diverse range of songs over the 5 albums ranging from rock anthems to gentler acoustic tracks, all the songs are beautifully crafted and melodic.

With personal challenges and a few changes to the band over the years, Shaman’s Harvest has managed to sound fresh and innovative across all their albums. Each album has built on their experience and showcases an epic songwriting talent over a number of styles but retaining an underlying rock sound. However it is their latest album Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns that has to be the album that is going to propel Shaman’s Harvest to where they rightfully belong and that is worldwide recognition.

Starting the album with the brilliant Dangerous, this album shows that Shaman’s Harvest has evolved into a rock band with delectable guitar riffs, the vocals of Nathan Hunt soaring over an epic sounding rock sound. With Here It Comes getting heavy radio play which is what first got me hearing the band, its slight bluesy sound and addictive rhythm has to be a sure-fire hit . It is not just about commercial hits though with this album, The End Of Me is a beautiful and delicate acoustic song, slightly southern sounding that perfectly complements the rest of the album along with an extended unplugged version of Dragonfly. In Chains has to be the rock anthem of the album, enormous riffs, thumping drums and the vocals combining to an intensity throughout the tack. With a track named County As Fuck, it is never going to be a pure rock song, it has some great country influences and even if country is not entirely your thing you can’t help but like how this songs sounds. Blood In The Water is almost hypnotic with the great vocals over edgy guitars. Add in a brilliant version of Dirty Diana and along with all the 12 tracks, Shaman’s Harvest have produced an album that is going to be a favourite for years to come.

Already having had rave reviews, Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns has to be one of the albums of 2014 and it won’t be long until Shaman’s Harvest are in every rock music collection.

The website for the band is They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @shamansharvest. The latest album is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon and for those in the UK Amazon also has an extensive back catalogue of their songs as you are going to want to get more than the latest album. You can also hear how brilliant Shaman’s Harvest sound on Spotify.