Dry Can

French band Dry Can was formed at the end of the 90’s by Anne Lupieri (Vocals/Guitar), Antoine Abinun (Vocals/Guitars), before being joined by Olivier Crescence (Bass) and Pascal Desmet (Drums) and released their latest album ‘Meanwhile’ in September 2014.

Starting off the album with the incredibly catchy ‘Path’, the guitars sound heavy behind an upbeat melody as the deep vocals of Antoine are beautifully contrasted by the lighter vocals of Anne. ‘Aside’ and ‘Dry Eyes’ both slow down the pace, with slightly darker sounding tones, especially with ‘Dry Eyes’ as Anne takes up the main vocal duties, bringing with it soaring melodies over a more gentle guitar sound as well a rhythm that sleeks its way through the tracks. ‘Sort Of’ has a grungy tone to the song with a thumping drum beat, as the vocals sound raw over a delicious melody, as well as great sounding harmonies. Shorter tracks ‘Nothing Came’ and ‘Sarah’s Blue’ are atmospheric tracks, whilst the other shorter track ‘Nu Start’ is a slight nod to the Nu Metal days and is a fast paced, heavy riff laden track.

There are the more delicate sounding tracks such as ‘Blue Horizons’ ‘Away’ and ‘Mad Aero’ which are full of lush sounding guitars over a more gentle rhythm, but still with powerful and emotional sounding vocals. The heaviness to many songs on the album is still very much present with tracks such as ‘Tease’ and ‘Part Time Job’ which have crashing guitars over a heavy rhythm and pounding drums, as the vocals and harmonies blend through the tracks.

This eclectic mix of songs works really well on the album as a whole, as there are a number of contrasting styles which makes listening to the album exciting to hear, as you are never sure quite what style is going to come next from Dry Can, so all 14 tracks on the album have a freshness about them. You can certainly hear the grunge influences through the tracks but Dry Can have produced songs very much in their own style and have released an excellent album with ‘Meanwhile’.

The website for Dry Can is http://www.drycanmusic.com They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dry-Can You can purchase the album from their bandcamp page https://drycan.bandcamp.com/

‘Meanwhile’ Track Listing:

1. Path
2. Aside
3. Dry eyes
4. Sort of
5. Something beautiful
6. Nothing came
7. Sarah’s blue
8. Wasted
9. Nu start
10. Blue horizons
11. Tease
12. Away
13. Part time job
14. Mad aero