Medway based 4 piece Allfather may be fairly new to the music scene but have already been making an impact since their debut gig in November.

Describing themselves as “Neanderthal sludge/doom/hardcore from the Medway delta”, Allfather are a band full of crunchy sounding guitars, with monster riffs that form the core heaviness from the band. Raw and powerful vocals grind their way through the track ‘No Justice, No Peace’, which has a distinctive metal and hardcore sound to it. The searingly brutal ‘Post-Austerity Blues’ is a full on in your face guitar laden track which almost screams in despair, especially with the might of the vocals, and again is full of those heavy, fast paced guitars and thumping rhythm from the band. Although a much shorter track, it still encompasses the obvious talents of the band and leaves you wanting to hear a lot more from them.

The band are planning to release an EP in the near future but have recorded a 2 track demo to give an idea of how excellent Allfather sound, which was recorded at Son Of Sun Studios. Just a listen to the tracks gives a realisation that this is a band that wants to produce riff based songs that are well written and not to conform to any particular genre, and they have certainly done that with the 2 tracks they have released so far.

The next live date for the band will be playing the Rock Against UKIP festival on Saturday 24th January in Chatham at the Poco Loco Catina, which is part of the Delta Of The Damned four day festival. For those attending the event, their exclusive demo CD which has been lovingly hand packaged by Allfather in the run up to the gig will be available on the night. Sustaining the band with some Dębowe Mocne (other Polish beers may be acceptable) may also help to secure one.

The band also have plans to play more live dates in the future along with the recording of their debut EP, so give them a follow to keep up to date with the latest news from Allfather.

Allfather are on Facebook and Twitter @AllfatherUK. You can hear their 2 demo songs in full from their bandcamp page