The Senton Bombs

Formed in 2004 as The Terrorists and with an history of line-up changes that is almost emulating that legendary band Spinal Tap (especially where the drummer is concerned) in their early days, The Senton Bombs have had a rich and some may say almost infamous history over the 10 years they have been formed. When they describe themselves as ‘punk infected rock and roll’, well, you rather expect a bit of bad behaviour.

Having signed to a new record label Holier Than Thou Records, Joey Class (Vocals/Bass), Damien Kage (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Johnny Gibbons (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Scott Mason (Drums) will be re-issuing their 5 track ‘Phantom High’ EP on digital format on 2nd March 2015. The lead single from the EP ‘Lights Over Phoenix’ will be available as a free download from the 23rd March.

Starting off the EP with Phantom High’, this is full on in your face as it crashes into the record in almost wild abandon. Full of heavy guitar licks and raw vocals, this fast paced track leaves you almost panting for breath along with it as you listen. ‘Lights Over Phoenix’ which is based on UFO’s, their conspiracies and is named after the ‘Phoenix Lights sightings, is a brash, slightly punk-infused track with a touch of alternative thrown into the mix and with an anthemic chorus, this retains the heaviness heard in the opening track. ‘Black Chariot’ has a slow introduction to it, the beat picks up through the track as moves into a southern-style groove as the vocals soar over the guitars, whilst ‘Passions Of The Passive Aggressive’ has more of a rock sound to it, as the riffs explode into this track with raw and gravelly vocals. The final song ‘Surf 6-66’ is another high octane track with a massive chorus to the song and the guitars have a filthy sound to them. With such a delicious mixture of styles over the 5 tracks, The Senton Bombs certainly live up to their description with this excellent EP.

The Senton Bombs have also announced some confirmed live dates:

07/02 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
14/03 – The Leek, Stoke On Trent
27/03 – Lounge 41, Workington
11/04 – Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
22/05 – Breaking Bands Festival

And will also be announcing further dates in London and Cardiff as well as some possible international dates as well.

With a new album also in the pipeline, 2015 is going to be a busy year for The Senton Bombs and it is excellent to see them back with a bang.

The Senton Bombs website is They are on Facebook and Twitter @thesentonbombs
They are also on Soundcloud, ReverbNation, YouTube and Spotify, so no excuses for not stalking them in some way.

‘Phantom High’ Track Listing:

Phantom High
Lights Over Phoenix
Black Chariot
Passions Of The Passive Aggressive
Surf 6-66