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The Senton Bombs

The Senton Bombs Are Set To Go Mainstream

The Senton Bombs

Hard rock band The Senton Bombs will be releasing their new single ‘Mainstream’ on 2nd October, which is the first single to be taken from their highly anticipated new album ‘Mass Vendetta’, due for release early 2016 via Holier Than Thou Records.
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No Rest For The Senton Bombs

The Senton Bombs

Formed in 2004 as The Terrorists and with an history of line-up changes that is almost emulating that legendary band Spinal Tap (especially where the drummer is concerned) in their early days, The Senton Bombs have had a rich and some may say almost infamous history over the 10 years they have been formed. When they describe themselves as ‘punk infected rock and roll’, well, you rather expect a bit of bad behaviour.
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