Justin Hulsey

Singer-songwriter Justin Hulsey is about to release his second album ‘Morning Bloom, following on from his critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Youth Gods’ which was released in 2012.

Now living in Denver Colorado, Justin has many years of experience as a writer and performer having spent 12 years in Nashville. With ‘Morning Bloom’ he has drawn on those experiences and produced an album of 10 tracks that are a mixture of styles. From acoustic tracks to those that have a slightly heavier vibe to them, all the tracks have a delicate touch to them that draw the listener in from the start.

From the lush sounds of the opening track ‘The Waiting Room’ to the more upbeat sounding ‘Set A Fire’, the album tracks have the ability to surprise at the range and breadth of the songs that appear on the album. With Justin wearing his heart on his sleeve, you hear the raw and powerful vocals on tracks such as ‘The Leaving’ and ‘You In Wine’ with just a gentle accompaniment from the guitar. ‘Fatal Heart’ with its soaring guitar that rises through the chorus, is in contrast to ‘Don’t Play That Record’ that shows the influences from his time spent in Nashville.

‘Honesty’ is one of the heavier tracks on the album, that has a sleek bass line throughout the track, with a chorus that rises with melodic vocals. The album finishes on another upbeat sounding track ‘How To Shoot With A Steady Hand’, again with a guitar that is delicate but at the same time having a strong melody. Lyrically throughout the album you can hear the passion coming through in the songs and although sometimes they seem quite personal, because they are so well crafted musically as well as lyrically, they come across as honest.

As a follow up to ‘Youth Gods’, Justin Hulsey has shown with ‘Morning Bloom’ that he has built upon his previous experiences as both a songwriter and a musician and has released an excellent second album. With the ability to observe all aspects of life, he is able to transpose those events into beautiful sounding songs, however harsh those realities may be.

‘Morning Bloom’ is due to be released on 3rd April 2015.

The website for Justin Hulsey is http://www.justinhulseymusic.com. He is on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/justinhulseymusic and Twitter @justin_hulsey. You can also hear him on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/justinhulsey. His songs are also available on iTunes.

Track Listing:

The Waiting Room
Set A Fire
The Leaving
Fatal the Heart
The Under One
Don’t Play That Record
You In Wine
Blurry Halos/Blackout Angels
How to Shoot With a Steady Hand