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Charlie Straw Releases New EP ‘Demos’

Charlie Straw

Leeds based singer and songwriter Charlie Straw has just released a new EP ‘Demos’, which coincides with the announcement that he will be featuring in the line-up of The Great Escape, one of Europe’s leading new music festivals which is held in Brighton from 14-16th May.
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Justin Hulsey Grows With New Album ‘Morning Bloom’

Justin Hulsey

Singer-songwriter Justin Hulsey is about to release his second album ‘Morning Bloom, following on from his critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Youth Gods’ which was released in 2012.
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Featured Artist: David Blackbourn


Southampton based singer-songwriter David Blackbourn has just recorded his debut EP ‘Impulses’ which is due for release in January 2015. With a mixture of songs that showcase the talents of this up and coming musician, every song on the EP tells a story with the lyrics being the central point of the songs interlaced with sometimes gentle, sometimes raw and entirely melodic music. With vocals that convey a whole range of emotions perfectly, ‘Impulses’ is certainly a brilliant sounding debut EP.
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Andrew Foster Is A Rising Star


Following on from my review of the recent Andrew Foster gig over the weekend, I thought I should also turn my attention to the excellent debut album from him to give a better idea as to why you should purchase his album Science & Magic if the live review was not enough persuasion.
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Andrew Foster Live At Worthing Theatre, Worthing



I’ll be the first to admit I have never been the biggest fan of acoustic music, I like it loud, I like it to rock and so when I went to see James Walsh a few months ago I was guessing the support would also be acoustic and I was a bit apprehensive whether I could enjoy two artists on the same night with just a guitar. Then Andrew Foster took to the stage in what I have to say was a very rock and roll shirt, looking way too young to be out gigging and proceeded to play songs that instantly made me change my mind about the whole acoustic thing. His banter with the audience was an added bonus as so many artists sometimes fail to engage with the crowd and most there seemed to enjoy the all too brief set.
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