Charlie Straw

Leeds based singer and songwriter Charlie Straw has just released a new EP ‘Demos’, which coincides with the announcement that he will be featuring in the line-up of The Great Escape, one of Europe’s leading new music festivals which is held in Brighton from 14-16th May.

Having been featured on a number of prominent new music programmes such as BBC Introducing and daytime BBC Leeds sessions, as well as appearing at Live At Leeds and King of the Mountains Festivals, this up and coming blues/folk artist has also been performing in various venues in Leeds and London.

The ‘Demos’ EP features 4 tracks which have a delicate blues sound on songs such as ‘Careless Waste’ and ‘Ease Up On The Night’, both of which have a raw sound to the vocals over a delicate guitar. The more upbeat ‘With My Love’ picks up the pace before the final bonus track ‘Closing Time’ is again more of that delicate sound that Charlie Straw does so well before the track rises in tempo, making this an excellent collection of songs from him.

Charlie Straw is on Facebook and Twitter @CharlieStraw1
His soundcloud page is

‘Demos EP’ Track Listing:

1. Careless Waste
2. Ease up On The Night
3. With My Love
4. Closing Time (Bonus Track)