I’ll be the first to admit I have never been the biggest fan of acoustic music, I like it loud, I like it to rock and so when I went to see James Walsh a few months ago I was guessing the support would also be acoustic and I was a bit apprehensive whether I could enjoy two artists on the same night with just a guitar. Then Andrew Foster took to the stage in what I have to say was a very rock and roll shirt, looking way too young to be out gigging and proceeded to play songs that instantly made me change my mind about the whole acoustic thing. His banter with the audience was an added bonus as so many artists sometimes fail to engage with the crowd and most there seemed to enjoy the all too brief set.

So when Andrew Foster announced a few more shows for the summer including a headline one, I wanted to go and see this talented artist again and to show my support for a local musician, one that deserved to be the star of the show this time after his many stints as support, his most recent slots with Terry Reid.

Maybe it was the atmosphere of the slightly plush 1930’s venue that also doubles as a cinema or perhaps Worthing isn’t quite as rock and roll as a bigger city but it was a slightly quiet and very polite audience that were there tonight. Perhaps it also didn’t lend to proceedings that the person that ran the venue seemed to have a love for the Best of Neil Diamond in between the sets which was certainly a first for me. However none of that detracted from the fact that Andrew Foster played an excellent set.

A couple of self-confessed Spinal Tap moments (I love that film) from Andrew and again some entertaining banter with the audience although no lewd propositions this time around, made for a really entertaining evening which seemed to over far too quickly despite him playing a host of songs. From upbeat songs to those slightly softer and haunting, the evening showcased Andrew’s amazing vocals and guitar talent.

The set started with The Garden and included many from the album including Memory Maze, Personal Legend, Modern Day Messiah, Interstellar and Heartbeats to name but a few. Also included was the new song written when Andrew recently visited Sweden with Terry Reid called Sky City and the night ended with a Neil Young cover that sounded far better than the original.

An additional bonus was the chance for the audience to purchase the new debut album Science & Magic and to tell Andrew what great gig it was which rounded off an excellent evening of music from him. On an added note it was also great to see that rock and roll shirt make another appearance tonight.

If you have never heard of Andrew Foster now is the time to catch up with this rising singer/songwriter. The excellent debut album from Andrew Foster ‘Science & Magic’ is available on iTunes and for updates from Andrew Foster his website is