The Chewers

The Chewers have released a monster 20 track album ‘Dead Dads’ in both digital download and CD format.

Although 20 tracks may seem like quite a massive feat, fortunately the songs are not of prog proportions and the entire album comes in at just over an hour. With a rock sound, that sometimes borders on industrial, and plenty of groovy beats, it may sound a little avant garde in places but it is one of those albums that challenges the perceptions of what music should be and how so much of it is confined by a certain genre. Quirky and unusual, it is certainly different from anything that is around at the moment.

The Chewers are Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, two freaks who crawled from the woods of West Virginia to taint the water of the Nashville underground. Once there they began to hammer out an idiosyncratic brand of avant-garde rock’n’roll, and infused it with a wry and deadpan sense of humour.

The Chewers are now ready to hatch their new album ‘Dead Dads’, their most complex and jaggedly groovy work to date. During the time it took to bring the album to term, both Chewers’ dads died. Their deaths deeply affected the birthing process, and became embedded in the dark, irreverent musical mutant that burst forth.

‘Dead Dads’ is available to order from their bandcamp page: