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Calling All Astronauts Are Building An Empire

Calling All Astronauts

London based Calling All Astronauts will be releasing their new single ‘Empire’ on 27th November via Supersonic Media.
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The Unravelling Release Their Collective Vision

The Unravelling

The Unravelling have returned with their opus ‘Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision’.
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The Unravelling Are Masterful with Latest Single

The Unravelling

Calgary based The Unravelling have released a new single ‘Master Drone’ and continues their blend of industrial and metal/hard rock, which reflects the infectious intensity of its creators.
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The Chewers Unleash A Monster

The Chewers

The Chewers have released a monster 20 track album ‘Dead Dads’ in both digital download and CD format.
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The Unravelling Come Together With New Single

The Unravelling

Calgary based The Unravelling have released a new song ‘Revolt’.
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Reversed Nature Are No Longer In Limbo With Album

Reversed Nature

Athens, Greece based Reversed Nature released their latest album ‘Into The Limbo’ late 2014, which is a follow up to their previous releases ‘Nature Reversed’ and ‘Junkie for a Guide’. Describing themselves as psychedelic Kraut rock, the tracks are atmospheric with haunting vocals over a myriad of styles.
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Featured Band: Calling All Astronauts


Calling All Astronauts are on a mission. Despairing at the fact that so many people like manufactured boybands, which is a concern amongst many of us that like music, they are determined that their electro-punk, riff-tinged rock will educate the fans of pop bands such as 1D and 5SOS, who let’s be honest have a dire taste in music for even being able to listen to such bands for more than a minute. Some may see this as a mammoth task, a near on impossibility but if anyone has the ability to change the attitude and minds of a misguided generation, then it is Calling All Astronauts.
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