Calling All Astronauts are on a mission. Despairing at the fact that so many people like manufactured boybands, which is a concern amongst many of us that like music, they are determined that their electro-punk, riff-tinged rock will educate the fans of pop bands such as 1D and 5SOS, who let’s be honest have a dire taste in music for even being able to listen to such bands for more than a minute. Some may see this as a mammoth task, a near on impossibility but if anyone has the ability to change the attitude and minds of a misguided generation, then it is Calling All Astronauts.

This London based band featuring David B (Vocals, programming, keys) JJ Browning (Guitars) and new bassist Paul draw on their musical experience and tastes to create a sound infused with elements of punk, goth, rock, electro sounding retro beat with growling yet melodic vocals, this band give more than a nod to the music of my youth without sounding dated.

Having already shared the stage with the likes of Pop Will Eat Itself, Echo & The Bunnymen and Roger Daltry whilst also appearing at Kendal Calling and Guilfest, these are serious contenders when it comes to live performances as well.

Their Post Modern Conspiracy album released in 2013 is politically charged with addictive guitar riffs over an electro-beat, almost industrial in places. Lyrically this band show a social conscience with intelligent commentary that compels you listen rather than to consider it background noise and it is what music should be about. Not afraid to be refreshingly honest, this is definitely not the sickly sugar coated music that is around at the moment. Calling All Astronauts have the confidence to make the music they want to regardless of trends or opinions and that has to be very much admired when certain genres of music are promoted by the more popular media outlets. It would be easy to emulate a certain type of music to gain success but this is a band that sticks to its principles and refuses to be dictated to.

Their latest EP Hands Up Who Wants To Die? has an infectious beat overlaid by guitar riffs that Calling All Astronauts are the trail-blazers of and not content with releasing one version, they have released 6 versions incorporating other genres such as Metal, Dubstep, Goth and Drum and Bass, showing their originality. This is certainly one of the bands to watch out for as their commitment towards music and their determination alone will ensure this band will be heard, already having been voted number 1 on the Twitter music charts on more than one occasion.

Not content with producing excellent music, they are also advocates of social media where they share their thoughts with their 156K followers on Twitter, a considerable achievement when there are a lot of bands out there wanting attention and David is rather impressively on there even more than me. I recommend a follow as it is far more than just promoting the band.

To find out more about Calling All Astronauts their website is They are also on Facebook and Twitter @CAA_Offical (both verified accounts, that shows you how much of an influence they are). They are also on iTunes and Spotify. Go join the revolution they are creating.