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All This Noise To Release Debut Single

All This Noise

London duo All This Noise may be relatively new to the music scene, with their debut gig only a couple of weeks ago, but band member James and Alan certainly have a polished sound to their music that encompasses a number of musical styles over a number of decades to produce a rich sounding mix of 80’s pop infused with some delicate guitar riffs. The melodic vocals soar over an eclectic style of sounds and they certainly live up to the claim of ‘wanting to try something different’ with their debut single ‘Seven Billion Like You’ as it is hard to pin it down into any one genre.
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Featured Band: Calling All Astronauts


Calling All Astronauts are on a mission. Despairing at the fact that so many people like manufactured boybands, which is a concern amongst many of us that like music, they are determined that their electro-punk, riff-tinged rock will educate the fans of pop bands such as 1D and 5SOS, who let’s be honest have a dire taste in music for even being able to listen to such bands for more than a minute. Some may see this as a mammoth task, a near on impossibility but if anyone has the ability to change the attitude and minds of a misguided generation, then it is Calling All Astronauts.
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