Kyshera are a band that refuse to be defined by comparison or convention, are determined to set the agenda on their terms and both of their previous albums have the ability to make you sit up and listen to what they are about. A modern band that still believes in intelligent lyrics, something that hasn’t been seen for a number of years since the major record companies decided the world should be full of insipid music.

The South Wales 3 piece of James Kennedy (Vocals/Guitar), Matt Warr (Bass) and Glyn Bateman (Drums) have so far released 2 albums – Paradigm (2010) and Made In China (2012). A whole array of musical styles that are relentless, just when you thought you may have known which category Kyshera should fall into, they go on to surprise with a totally different track and don’t let the listener fall into complacency where they are concerned. One thing for certain though, this is a band determined to break the mould of safe music.

Embracing everything they do under the term Konic, an emblem in which they promote their music and ideology it’s refreshing to see a band unwavering in how they want to be perceived by both music fans and critics alike. Crashing guitar riffs in songs that can range from pure rock, to prog, to progressive, to acoustic, to whatever the band want to throw at you along with a myriad of perceptive political and social commentary. The vocals of James have the same effect, energetic yet soft, powerful yet measured that perfectly gets the message across of what is being said.

Yes I like my good old-fashioned rock bands, I like my modern rock bands, but I also like bands that are able to encompass both of these styles and twist it into something entirely different and Kyshera are the band to do this. Experimental doesn’t have to mean only the die-hard fans will appreciate what Kyshera are trying to do, it will appeal to many people who appreciate good music.

Having toured with the band Boy Hits Car this July plus a number of gigs of their own, they have been spreading the energetic Kyshera sound across the country and with the third album Circles due out in 2015 and funded by their fans via Pledgemusic , you are going to be hearing a lot more of this band. The excellent song Break This released from the forthcoming album once again is showing yet another characteristic to their sound and you just know the next album will be as innovative as the last 2 albums.

I can’t adequately describe Kyshera apart from them sounding excellent as I don’t think I could do the band justice if I tried to do this, go listen instead and come to your own conclusions. Kyshera have definitely created a movement, and I want to be part of it.

The website for Kyshera is . They have their own youtube channel where you can check out various songs and the 2 previous albums in full. They are also on Facebook, Twitter @Kyshera, ReverbNation, and Spotify.